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'If I Help, They Might Get Through This'

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When Allie Zito heard about the Indian Ocean tsunami as a third-grader in 2004, she knew she had to help. Allie quickly got to work making thousands of beaded pens and mobilized her classmates at St. Anastasia School in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, to hold bake sales and a fundraising drive. Their efforts raised $5,300 for Catholic Relief Services' tsunami response.

In 2008, CRS presented Allie, then in seventh grade, with a painting from the people of Indonesia. Watch as Allie and her mom, Kathy, reflect on what inspired the families and staff of St. Anastasia School to act with such compassion.

December 26 marked the fifth anniversary of one of the world's most horrific natural disasters—the Indian Ocean tsunami. Learn more about CRS' work to leave the tsunami's survivors with a legacy of hope.

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