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Big Hearts Reap Big Harvests

No matter how far from the farm field you work and live, getting your head around the importance of harvest is easy: it's any benefit following long labor and expectant waiting. (Not necessarily "patient" waiting—didn't want to be presumptuous.)

A rice farmer separates chaff from rice

A farmer in northwestern Cambodia separates the chaff from the rice before drying her harvest. Photo by Rick D'Elia for CRS

Your paycheck is a harvest. Diploma: harvest. Fiftieth wedding anniversary: big harvest. And as a CRS supporter, your richest harvests are frequently someone else's gain.

Last month you read about people whose small farms are green with fruit and vegetables in the middle of one of East Africa's worst droughts. That's your harvest and theirs: the benefit of your support and your concern about the world's poor men, women and children.

Consider taking some time to enjoy the fruits of your support by looking in on some of the people whose lives you have touched.

Here's a young guy who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. See if you can tell what his harvest looks like. Abundance doesn't always come in bushel baskets.

And be sure to check out this amazing story about improving harvests while lowering production costs. What? You don't think rice farming is exciting? You will after you read about Patricia Suzy Razafindrafara.

For a look at one of your more diversified projects, watch this audio slideshow of José Mercedes Ortiz Sanchez and all his potential harvests.

Maybe you know what it's like to miss a harvest. Could be that bugs ate your home garden. But usually it's tougher than that. You didn't get that sale, promotion or job you worked so hard for. Maybe you invested your heart in a friendship that failed.

You know how it is. And despite the hurt or because of it, you choose to help others: strangers in far-off lands. You help them bring in their harvests.

Thank you.

If you're not involved in the harvest and want to be, or if you're looking for bigger yields, you can still get involved. Say a prayer and light a candle in our virtual chapel for the people your support helps every day. You probably won't even get dirt under your fingernails.

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