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A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

A brief glance at the Catholic Relief Services website reveals several ongoing humanitarian crises. Desperation in Central African Republic. Destruction of more than half a million homes in central Philippines. Syrian refugees scattered among several surrounding countries, awaiting news about their homeland. Violence in newly independent South Sudan. Not the most encouraging way to enter a new year.

Susie Connelly, in gray shirt, pauses to play with a baby during an emergency shelter distribution in the village of Esperanza, outside of Ormac City.

After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, CRS began distributing emergency shelters to families who lost their homes. This CRS staffer pauses to play with a baby during an emergency shelter distribution outside of Ormac City. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

But remember—please remember—you are there. Your presence is felt. You validate their hope.

The response to all of these emergencies share important characteristics. We believe these characteristics are central to your trust in CRS as the most efficient and effective expression of your concern for your poorest brothers and sisters overseas.

Catholic response. Humanitarian aid should be more than handing out supplies. CRS responds by working alongside local and global Church partners. We tailor our emergency and development actions to local needs that go beyond the material to include family, Church, community and environment. CRS brings a uniquely Catholic response to serving the poor. All of our staff, regardless of their faith, must adhere to primary Catholic principles.

CRS is already there. Because donors like you respond not only to emergencies, but to the ongoing problem of poverty throughout the world, CRS is involved in development work in countries most vulnerable to catastrophic disasters. When disaster strikes, we're already on the ground providing aid. And we remain there long after attention is drawn to other world issues.

Honoring human dignity. Our faith, and the Church's commitment to human dignity, compels CRS to help others move beyond day-to-day material existence. We're committed to helping people live full, productive lives—not prolonging dependency and mere survival.

Thank you for sending CRS into the world as the expression of your faith in Christ and your love for the poorest of the poor.

CRS wishes you and your family a happy and blessed new year.

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