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CRS History in Uganda

Catholic Relief Services has been working in Uganda since 1965. Initially providing emergency relief to Sudanese refugees and later to Ugandans displaced by the northern conflict, CRS now focuses efforts on helping communities to grow more food, increase incomes and improve overall health.

CRS' work in Uganda began as an outreach activity of our Kenya program in response to the desperate situation of Sudanese refugees living in the northern part of Uganda. Relief assistance continued throughout the 1980s, with CRS also serving an influx of refugees from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In October 1996, CRS officially opened an office in Kampala to better respond to the needs of internally displaced Ugandans in the north affected by fighting between the Lord's Resistance Army rebel group and the government of Uganda. During the height of the conflict, which started in 1986 when President Museveni took power, more than 25,000 children were abducted. It is estimated that the conflict has displaced more than 2 million people, 500,000 of whom have yet to return to their original homes.

CRS continues to work in northern Uganda while expanding projects to other areas of the country. Current programs combine long-term development programming with emergency aid to help people survive during times of crisis while building more solid economic foundations.

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