One Year After Haiyan

CRS' Impact in the Philippines

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CRS Roots in the Philippines

Located along the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is vulnerable to typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Although the country is rapidly urbanizing, many people still live in poverty, particularly in rural areas where farmers struggle to eke out a living. In the southern Philippines, long-standing conflicts exist between religious and ethnic groups.

One Year Later

On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, leaving more than 6,000 dead and 1 million homes damaged or destroyed. Thanks to the generous support of individuals and dioceses across the United States, Catholic Relief Services was able to deploy teams across the Philippines' most heavily affected areas to identify–and address–the most pressing needs. Today, CRS continues to collaborate closely with communities and Church partners, providing a menu of options to rebuild homes, jobs ... and lives. We are committed to a 5-year plan that will help 500,000 people get back on their feet with living supplies, clean water, sanitation, debris clearing, innovative permanent housing, and jobs. Your continued support allows us to reach more communities, more families–and to stay with them as long as it takes to build back better.

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The people of the Philippines urgently need the most basic life essentials: food, water, shelter, medical care, sanitation.


The First Will Be Last: One Community's Story

When Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated his community, Ric De Veyra helped his neighbors survive and rebuild. For Rick, this meant ensuring all 87 families in his community had homes before he built his own.


CRS Responds

It was one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall, tearing through the center of the Philippines, claiming 6,201 lives, destroying 1.1 million homes, devastating communities' infrastructures and economies. By September 30, 2014, CRS had received $61 million for Typhoon Haiyan relief and reconstruction, including $21 million from special collections in Catholic dioceses across the United States.

In the first 3 months after the typhoon, CRS collaborated with communities and Caritas partners to provide 40,000 families–200,000 people–with emergency shelter, clean water and sanitation. We are now focusing on long-term recovery and are committed to a 5-year plan that will help 500,000 people. CRS has spent $23.7 million on our response thus far. Click here to see a breakdown of our spending.

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