CRS in The Gambia

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CRS Work in The Gambia

CRS operates projects in the following areas:

  1. Malaria Prevention
  2. Health and Nutrition
  3. HIV and AIDS Care and Support
  4. Agriculture

How We Do It

CRS works alongside as well as through our partners. As such, we place special emphasis on enhancing their capacity. Capacity Building is being mainstreamed for all our programs to contain elements of organizational development and training in project delivery. Based on training needs assessments as well as the requirements of new projects, specific modules are developed. In the past year, areas such as Proposal Development, Data Collection & Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Board of Directors Operations and Technical skills development have been covered with staff and partners. Together with the Partnership & Capacity Building Manager, our Monitoring and Evaluation unit spearheaded these initiatives.

CRS/The Gambia is keen on learning lessons from the field and as such, works closely with its parnters to enhhance positive spillover program effects.

Some specific examples of our work include:

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