Those you have helped have something to say to you

Thank you, from Catholic Relief Services and all the people we serve around the world.

In Haiti, your support has helped millions of people. See how the power of your love has changed lives and been a miracle to someone who had almost lost hope.

Millions of our poorest brothers and sisters around the world still look to us for help and hope. With your continued prayers and donations, CRS can reach them. You can make more miracles like the ones you've made by reuniting families separated in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. God bless you and thank you.

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Mary, Mother of God, with your blessings we can offer comfort and care to those who suffer overwhelming hardships every day. Help us ease the burdens on families living in extreme poverty, salve the wounds of those enduring conflict, comfort orphans, and provide safe passage to those seeking peace and justice. For your heavenly, maternal embrace, we thank you. Amen.


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Make another miracle by giving to CRS. Your contributions really work. Just listen to the people in this video.