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Stories From Tanzania

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Getting An Education in Resilience

We are teachers and students as we learn from the people we serve. »»

Faithful House: Building Stronger Marriages & Families

The Faithful House program in sub-Saharan Africa strengthens families by helping couples communicate better. »»

Trash to Treasured: Creating Toys to Grow Healthy Kids

Play is necessary for a child to grow. CRS' THRIVE program teaches volunteers and parents how to make toys so children can learn. »»

A New Toy Story: How Cans, Buttons & Boxes Build Brains

Children in Tanzania are thriving, thanks to a CRS program that teaches parents how to make toys that nourish children's minds. »»

Farmer-To-Farmer: Achieving Food Independence

A young farmer traveled with CRS to Tanzania to serve others without ready access to knowledge and technology resources. »»

CRS Cares for Creation

Catholic Relief Services is playing an important role in reducing the impact of climate change on poor and vulnerable. »»

Coming Soon in the Here and Now

In this season of waiting and preparation, don't forget to enjoy the present. »»

Sustainable: Market Savvy Soy Farmers Unite

A CRS project helps farmers work together in the marketplace, earn more, and improve generations of lives. »»

Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

Cornell and CRS Take on Africa Food Crisis

Computer-based education modules created by Cornell University and CRS are helping poor farmers to restore healthy cassava fields in Africa. »»

Help for Orphans Creates Hope

Free school supplies, supplemental food, bedding and medical care turn life around for two orphaned brothers—one living with HIV—in Tanzania. »»

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