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Help for Orphans Creates Hope

By Debbie DeVoe

Meet 14-year-old Mohemmed Athuman. When he was 8 years old and his brother, Ramazthan, was 6, they lost their mother and father.

Being an orphan in Tanzania isn't easy, and at first the boys suffered a lot. There was never enough food to eat. And then after a bicycle accident, Mohemmed found out he had HIV, likely contracted from a tainted blood transfusion earlier in his childhood. Unable to fight the virus and regain his health, Mohemmed was bedridden for more than a year and had to drop out of school.

In January 2009, a CRS-supported project brought Mohemmed and Ramazthan the help they needed. They are now in good health and excelling in school. Here is Mohemmed's story, told recently to Debbie DeVoe, Catholic Relief Services' regional information officer for eastern and southern Africa.

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