CRS in Tanzania

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CRS History in Tanzania

Catholic Relief Services first opened its doors in Tanzania in 1962, providing relief and food assistance in areas with high levels of poverty and malnutrition. In 1994, CRS closed our program office in Dar es Salaam but continued to fund local partners through CRS Kenya. Program staff on the ground returned when a field office was opened in the Lake Victoria town of Mwanza in 1997 to support activities in the areas of agriculture, HIV and AIDS, and peacebuilding. In September 2004, CRS Tanzania reopened an office in Dar es Salaam, becoming an independent country program once again.

Since our return, CRS Tanzania has directly helped nearly 2 million people through diverse and innovative programs. These programs have responded to social issues such as poverty, female genital mutilation, HIV and AIDS, tensions between religious communities, and poor agricultural conditions.

CRS Tanzania has maintained our core programming areas while expanding services, particularly in regard to HIV care and treatment. We are also working to link our various projects together to help people improve their overall quality of life. HIV clients are now able to access antiretroviral medications while taking advantage of agriculture and microfinance projects that enable them to increase their food supplies and income.

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