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Sudan Is Knocking. Will You Answer?

The Republic of South Sudan is knocking on your door. Open it, and you'll see Sudan extending two hands. One seeks your help. The other offers a rare opportunity.

Students in Sudan

Students at the Olikwi Primary School in Sudan. Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Sudan's relatively quiet presence in the media makes it easy to forget that the current work of Catholic Relief Services in Sudan is an emergency response. It's no less urgent than our response following the Haiti quake, the Pakistan floods or Japan's tsunami. In those countries, the Church saw catastrophe threatening and stepped in, directing CRS and others to help avoid an unimaginable humanitarian disaster.

Relief over a miraculously peaceful vote for independence and the celebration anticipated as South Sudan assumes sovereignty are juxtaposed with the reality facing Sudan from July 10 onward. The new republic will be born into the same poverty and dangers in which it was conceived.

For anyone seeking a servant's role, for anyone curious to see where faith will lead over what is sure to be a long, unpaved road of nation building, Sudan offers the opportunity of many lifetimes. God is giving us the chance to serve a young nation as it acquires the skills needed to maintain freedom and independence.

Supporters like you have empowered good work in Sudan. Please continue to seize the moment. Take the hand that's offered and the opportunity at hand.

Stay with Sudan. Build a future.

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Watch a comparison of U.S. July 4 celebrations with South Sudan's first-ever July 9 independence day.

Learn how the Church has held Sudanese society together through decades of war and poverty.

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