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Stories From Sudan

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'Talking Books' Teach Health

Despite widespread illiteracy, talking books deliver health and nutrition information in local dialects. »»

Darfur: Quality Makes Shelters 'Home'

CRS creates culturally appropriate, environmentally friendly shelters owners can call home—wherever that may be. »»

CRS Assists People Affected By Severe Flooding in Sudan

CRS is providing assistance to thousands of people affected by flooding in Sudan that impacted more than 300,000 people and killed nearly 50. »»

Keyhole Garden Grows Nutrition, Prosperity

A simple gardening idea allows families a safe and easy way to increase their food supply and make extra money selling surplus produce. »»

'Thanks for Giving Us Food'

In a Darfur refugee camp, a well deserved rest is interrupted by a teenage boy whose courage helps a CRS staffer see his work in a new light. »»

Darfuri Students Return to School

School is back in session in Darfur, Sudan, but students displaced by the conflict need more classrooms, teachers and materials. »»

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