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Photo by Jim Stipe for CRS

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Middle East Migrant Crisis

Photo by Andrew McConnell for CRC
Photo by Andrew McConnell for CRC
The war in Syria is nearing its seventh year. In Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, and other countries almost 5 million Syrian refugees—mostly women and children—are struggling to get by. Host countries' economies, social services, and basic infrastructure are strained to the breaking point. In addition to providing basic services, CRS focuses on education, care, and trauma counseling for Syrian children, many of whom have been out of school for most of their childhoods.




East Africa Hunger Crisis

Help Somalia and Kenya survive widespread hunger
A drought in Eastern Africa has left millions in Kenya and Somalia and South Sudan facing chronic hunger. Hundreds of thousands of children are acutely malnourished and need urgent nutritional support.

Catholic Relief Services is responding with emergency food aid, water and vocational training for the most vulnerable people, including those who have been displaced from their homes.




Madagascar Drought

malnourished child with mother in madagascar during worst drought in 35 years
Photo by Nancy McNally/CRS
CRS is providing lifesaving food to the most vulnerable families in southern Madagascar, where an extended drought made worse by El Nino has left 1.4 million people facing extreme hunger.

Without rain over the past 2 years, families have not been able to grow food to eat. With a loss of 95% of their crops meaning lost food, lost incomes and lost seeds for future planting. People are struggling to provide nutrition to their families, especially for babies and young children.



Hurricane Matthew

AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery, used with permission
AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery, used with permission

CRS is providing critical relief after Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti as it swept through the Caribbean.

CRS is responding with staff, pre-positioned food, relief supplies and shelter materials. The logistics of reaching the most damaged areas remain a major challenge. Your prayers and support are desperately needed.


Drought in Ethiopia

Photo by Nancy McNally
Photo by Nancy McNally
More than 15 million people are expected to face extreme food shortages in the coming months. Drought has devastated harvests causing loss of livestock and seed shortages, and increasing the food crisis daily. Catholic Relief Services is responding with emergency food aid, water and help for farmers to plant the next season, beginning in March.



Responding to Emergencies

Photo by Kent Truog for CRS
Photo by Kent Truog for CRS
Disaster survivors can’t wait for fundraising campaigns. Thanks to your donations, CRS is able to respond immediately to emergencies—many never reported by the media. Your donations fund CRS responses around the world as soon as they’re needed. Your support helps us tap emergency reserve funds. And CRS will support our most vulnerable brothers and sisters overseas with food, shelter, clean water and medical care long after the emergency fades from the spotlight.