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Stories From The Field

Coming Soon in the Here and Now

In this season of waiting and preparation, don't forget to enjoy the present. »»

Disaster Relief: Faster, More Accurate

In India, CRS response teams use tablet computers and QR code technology to speed help, save time and money, and make progress more trackable. »»

Violence in Honduras Pushes Thousands to U.S. Border

Children as young as 8 are recruited to sell drugs or watch for police on streets from San Salvador, El Salvador, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. »»

Beyond Beans: Growing Coffee & Opportunity in Kenya

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is working with CRS and our Caritas partner to help 1,500 Kenyan coffee farmers diversify their income. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Burying the Dead With Dignity

Sierra Leone's Ebola death toll has risen above 1,400 people. CRS is scaling up its work there. »»

Poverty Solution: A Passion for Personal Success

GAIN allows young women to work and learn together to make better lives for themselves. »»

Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify Crops

Better nutrition is only one of the benefits CRS and Keurig Green Mountain bring to small-farm owners. »»

Rwanda Animal Fair: Goats and Hopes

Owning even a small animal means a chance to earn more and build a future. »»

Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify

For coffee farmers, new crops also mean better nutrition, new business opportunities, improved finances and more. »»

A Hand Up for Kenyan Coffee Farmers

New growing methods, goats and financing provide a lifeline for struggling families. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Rebuilding After Typhoon Haiyan

One woman tells the story of many survivors seeking a better life for their children. »»

Typhoon Haiyan, One Year Later

People like Ric De Veyra emerge during crisis to show that it is possible to pick up the pieces in the wake of disaster. »»

Hispanic Heritage Month History in the United States

More than 39 percent of U.S. Catholics are Hispanic. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates Latinos' contribution to the building of this nation. »»

Microfinance Savings Strategy Grows Small Business

With a $50 loan from her savings group, a restaurateur grew her business and her dreams for her children. »»

Harvesting the Best in Others

Helping others grow their lives starts with a small seed—and you. »»

CRS' Peacebuilding in Central African Republic

This is why this workshop is so important: to give us the tools to end the crisis and continue with the development of the country. »»

Help Needed to Prevent Famine in South Sudan

Faith, hope for future motivate CRS' work distributing seeds and tools, as South Sudanese displaced by conflict return to rebuild their lives. »»

Malawi Community Health Hero

Visit by THRIVE worker brings help for young stroke victim and her family. »»

What Our Children Are Not Learning

No one wants kids to learn what it's like to be hungry, in a gang, trafficked or caught in conflict's crossfire. »»

South Sudan: Seeds and Tools Are A Lifeline to Farmers

CRS needs your help to continue assisting the people of South Sudan grow food so they can care for their families. »»

'Where Is God in This?'

When cycles of crisis—like the one in the Central African Republic—move some to despair, what's your response? »»

Relief Before Disaster: Prepared for the Worst

In Bangladesh, CRS helps families recover from and prepare for future storms with proven, affordable building techniques and proven financial training. »»

Mauritania: Helping My Neighbor, Building Resilience

Sharing food growing and storage techniques for desert helps families eat more often. »»

Sustainable: Market Savvy Soy Farmers Unite

A CRS project helps farmers work together in the marketplace, earn more, and improve generations of lives. »»

Churches Provide Safe Haven in Central African Republic

As conflict drags on, more help is needed to shelter, feed, and provide medical care and beds for displaced people in the Central African Republic. »»

Ultimate Freedom Comes From God

Generous spirits support CRS' work—not to cause dependency, but to spread freedom and independence. »»

Unaccompanied Minors: An Alarming Surge in Numbers

CRS responds as more children face the perilous prospect of crossing borders to escape poverty and violence. »»

Salvadoran Youth Find Alternatives to Violence, Gangs

CRS helps a former gang member in El Salvador get off the streets and into a life of work and service. »»

Texting to Head Off Hunger

Using cell phones, CRS early warning system enables faster planning for food emergencies. »»

Doing God's Work by Working

Strengthening livelihoods affirms and upholds people’s inherent dignity, and their right to earn a living. »»

After Haiyan, 'A Peaceful Place to Sleep'

CRS works closely with families in the Philippines to design and build transitional homes that provide safety, security—and a sense of control. »»

New Stoves, New Lives in Ethiopia

Handmade stoves save women time and help communities earn money for agriculture. »»

Simple Porridge Transforms Lives in Ethiopia

With CRS' help, Ganet Gelgehu's prayers for her malnourished boys were answered in a bowl of porridge. »»

Mother's Day: A New Perspective

An American aid worker sees mothers in a new light after becoming a mom herself. »»

Rwanda 20 Years After Genocide

Faith and forgiveness are at the core of the country's commitment to healing the wounds of one fateful summer. »»

Peacebuilding in the Light of Easter

April marks the anniversary of many tragic conflicts; the Resurrection counters them all with hope. »»

Pope Francis' Call, Our Response

Pope Francis began his papacy during Lent—how fitting that we take this time to heed his call to serve. »»

Syrian Refugees Hold Mirror to Texas Visitor

A writer sees himself in the faces of Syrian refugees. »»

Pakistani Women Encourage Girls' Education

In northern Pakistan, CRS is working with religious leaders and families to support education for all children, especially girls. »»

Closer Walk, Better Lives, Rice Bowl

What you give up for Lent really does change lives, yours included. »»

Microfinance Growth

Because of your support, CRS' microfinance programs have grown to help more than 1 million people in 35 countries around the world. »»

Pope Francis on Care for the Poor

Evangelii Gaudium calls on the faithful to see with compassion the world's least fortunate. »»

Feeding on Faith

A successful approach to ending global hunger begins long before food is served. »»

Haiti's Future: Commitment to Catholic Schools

During four years of quake relief and recovery, a coalition of Church associations join parishes to undertake a massive upgrade to teacher training. »»

Haiti Quake Recovery at 4 Years

CRS work permeates strata of Haitian life from family to school to national civic life. »»

Haiti Housing: First, Create Community

A first-of-its-kind housing project is being built for and by residents of one of Port-au-Prince's largest temporary resettlement camps. »»

A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

Several ongoing humanitarian crises would be far worse today if not for your Gospel-inspired commitment to the poor and suffering. »»

Somali Refugees: Hope Away From Home

The massive Dadaab camp in Kenya may seem an unlikely place for hopes and dreams, but these Somali refugees have hope in spades. »»

After Haiyan, Tarp Makes Beautiful Music

A durable, specially designed tarp helps put more than a roof over the heads of Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines. »»

Food Voucher System Aids Poor Palestinians

CRS will help feed 12,000 Palestinians while boosting West Bank economy. »»

Philippines Emergency: Faith Stronger Than Typhoon

As he builds his CRS-provided emergency shelter, Haiyan survivor Hermogenes Cortez Jr. recalls furious winds—and an unwavering trust in God. »»

Philippines Haiyan Recovery: Building Shelter

CRS staff builds durable, inexpensive shelters as a first response in restoring communities beset by calamity. »»

'Talking Books' Teach Health

Despite widespread illiteracy, talking books deliver health and nutrition information in local dialects. »»

CRS Addresses All Areas of HIV Programming

CRS supports 184 HIV programs in 35 countries and directly supports more than eight million people affected by the epidemic. »»

Darfur: Quality Makes Shelters 'Home'

CRS creates culturally appropriate, environmentally friendly shelters owners can call home—wherever that may be. »»

Typhoon Haiyan: Help Philippines Survive and Recover

As one of history's most brutal storms hits the Philippines, CRS is working with the government and partners to maximize recovery efforts. »»

Malaria: Success Against A Persistent Disease

Along multiple fronts and with strong partnerships, CRS pushes to counter a grim and too often fatal mosquito borne illness. »»

Impossible Thanksgiving Task

We're grateful for more blessings than we can count. And we rejoice in the ones we can count on. »»

Catholic Advocacy Extends PEPFAR's 'Lazarus Effect'

Thanks to dedicated supporters, CRS remains a strong supporting arm of the Catholic Church's care for people with HIV. »»

Congo Crisis Response Meets iPad Tech

CRS harnesses the power of touch screen to help vulnerable families in eastern Congo. »»

Congo Emergency: Aid Worker Knows Refugees' Plight

CRS staffer Michée Kashoshi, once displaced by violence, now aids refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo. »»

Miami Teen Serves Malawi Orphans

The orphans' plight touched Alejandro Ortega. His bake sale results surprised him. And CRS impressed him. »»

Living the Gospel, Sharing the Harvest

Your support helps those whose food supply depends on their gardens, weather and grace. »»

Photo Tour: Hope for Syrian Refugee Children

For those bearing the heaviest burden of the Syrian crisis, reading and writing bring healing and hope. »»

Outsmarting Coffee Leaf Rust in Guatemala

Guatemalan coffee growers learn to keep their farms alive and families fed despite a leaf rust crisis. »»

Providing Lifesaving Support for Syrian Refugees

See how CRS and the local Church are responding to the needs of Syrian refugees. »»

South Sudan Builds Long Road to Nationhood

New food program helps open markets and connect communities.


CRS Assists People Affected By Severe Flooding in Sudan

CRS is providing assistance to thousands of people affected by flooding in Sudan that impacted more than 300,000 people and killed nearly 50. »»

Make Us Teachers

As the new school year begins, CRS celebrates the power of education to change—and save—lives. »»

Education in Sierra Leone: Changing Minds

A CRS education program helps children discover and reach new ambitions. »»

Child Labor Belongs in a Classroom

In Guatemala, parents are learning that an education can ultimately benefit a family more than the immediate help a child brings to the workplace. »»

Farming in India: Old Risks, New Rewards

Giving over a precious plot of land to an experiment is a high-stakes gamble for farmers desperate for more predictable harvests. »»

Refugee Camp Priority: Health and Sanitation

A potential nightmare of disease and discomfort in Kenya is instead a functioning and healthy community, thanks to simple hygiene practices. »»

Staying Healthy in a Kenya Refugee Camp

Keeping the world's largest refugee camp clean means having carefully constructed latrines, trash collection and trained, dedicated health teachers. »»

Better Cacao and Incomes in the Philippines

CRS helps indigenous farmers improve plantings and get better prices for their crops. »»

Somali Refugees Champion Good Health

Four-year-old Farhiya follows in her father's footsteps by teaching others about the critical importance of proper hygiene. »»

CRS Celebrates World Youth Day

As millions gather for World Youth Day in Brazil, meet young people from around the world whose lives you have touched through your support of CRS. »»

Emergencies: Prevent, Manage, Prepare

Thanks to you and your Church, many poor communities are now better prepared to manage emergencies and even prevent crises from occurring. »»

World Youth Day: A Powerful Force for Good

Pope Francis will lead "the witness of a living and renewing faith" that Blessed John Paul II started. »»

Disaster Prep: Saving Lives Before the Storm

As Dominican Republic youth become leaders in emergency preparedness, some are finding that the calamity they are preventing may be their own. »»

Madagascar Taps Public-Private Water System

Cleaner water, better management, regular maintenance and more accountability flow from a business-government partnership. »»

South Sudanese Name the Steps to Progress

In their own words, the people of South Sudan say that peace, farming and roads will help them build a prosperous new nation. »»

iPods Firmly Planted in Farmers' Lives

Mobile computer technology makes the tried-and-true seed fair a smoother, more secure way to help Madagascar farmers recover their lives. »»

Madagascar's Locally Grown Shelters

One tree provides material that's accessible, inexpensive, and unusually weather resistant. »»

South Sudan Takes On Self-Reliance

After decades of foreign aid, Simon Kuereng is helping his fellow South Sudanese build their future with their own hands. »»

Independence Days: South Sudanese Relearn Self-Reliance

The world's newest nation relearns farming skills stolen by generations of war and displacement. »»

Syria Crisis: Assistance for Refugees

With medical aid and emergency supplies, CRS and Caritas are reaching thousands who've fled violence in the country. »»

Got a Light?

Seeing by God's light gives a whole new perspective on the world and your life. »»

Photos: CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

See how CRS eases the suffering of refugees with lifesaving clean water, food kits, medicine and other essentials. »»

World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

From Europeans fleeing countries during WWII to Somalis, Syrians and Malians today, the Church works through CRS to protect and advocate for refugees. »»

Coffee Growers Gain Market Power

By bringing farmers together CRS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and local partners in the Philippines help coffee bean sellers earn more. »»

Nicaraguan Dads Are Key to Their Family's Health

A CRS program recognizes that fathers are vital to healthy families. »»

Water Works: An Affordable, Lasting Solution

A Madagascar project brings the benefits of clean water close to home and businesses through just three low-cost options. »»

Water Options Tailored to Improve Lives

Meet of few of the residents of Anivorano Est, Madagascar, who are making use of water services offered by CRS and our partners. »»

Guess Who's Living Leviticus 19:33–34?

As a CRS supporter, your hospitality extends well beyond your home—and even your country »»

Introducing Savings-Led Microfinance

Read this clear, non-technical explanation of how and why CRS microfinance starts with savings, rather than loans, to build financial independence. »»

From Indian Red-Light District to Green Thumb

Girls and young women find refuge from Mumbai's brothels and embrace a new life with the support of CRS and partner Prerana. »»

Madagascar Moms Learn Nutritious Lessons

Facing grim decisions about how to feed their children, two mothers turn to CRS and SALOHI for healthy solutions. »»

Early Child Nutrition Safety Net

CRS and partner SALOHI weigh babies and train moms to keep kids healthy in their critical first 5 years. »»

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