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Stories From The Field

Senegal: Environmental Protection Meets Peacebuilding

In Senegal, CRS is helping communities identify lasting and effective ways to protect their natural resources, and create trust and respect. »»

Getting An Education in Resilience

We are teachers and students as we learn from the people we serve. »»

Savings Group Nurtures Women's Cacti Co-Op

Members of the Cactucito cooperative are benefiting from savings and marketing strategies. »»

Coffee Cooperatives Strengthen Farm Families

A project in the Democratic Republic of Congo improves the lives of thousands of farmers, and helps them produce some of the best coffee in Africa. »»

Bees Sweeten Village Relationships

A CRS project in Senegal shows communities how they can work together, resolve conflicts and improve their villages through economic activities. »»

Faithful House: Building Stronger Marriages & Families

The Faithful House program in sub-Saharan Africa strengthens families by helping couples communicate better. »»

Restoring Coffee Farms in Guatemala

A group Guatemalans once displaced by the country's civil conflict turn a devastating coffee fungus into an opportunity, with the help of CRS. »»

Healthy Babies and Mothers in the DRC

In the DRC, which has high infant and maternal mortality rates, CRS' Afya Mama project has helped more than 26,500 women deliver healthy babies. »»

Faces of Hope in A Time of Drought

In Pakistan's Tharparkar District, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is helping thousands cope with the devastating effects of a prolonged drought. »»

CRS Helps People Fleeing Violence in Philippines

CRS is providing shelter, sanitation and household goods to families displaced by violence in the southern Philippines. »»

Improving Child Health and Survival in Guatemala

The SEGAMIL program works with families in Guatemala to stop the cycle of malnutrition and give children a healthy start. »»

Nepal Quake Response Challenged By Topography, Weather

Helicopters and Nepalese trekkers reach remote areas to help people desperately in need of aid. »»

Building Up Youth and Communities in El Salvador

CRS Youth Builders program helps young people in El Salvador gain confidence, and receive life and job skills training. »»

Reaching More Than 88,000 Iraqis With Lifesaving Help

As ISIS displaces millions, CRS and our partner Caritas Iraq are providing emergency relief »»

Caring for Children Orphaned By Ebola

In Sierra Leone, CRS trains community volunteers to work with children who have lost one or both parents to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa. »»

CRS Provides Shelter for Iraqis Displaced By ISIS

CRS and Caritas Iraq are upgrading hundreds of buildings in Iraqi Kurdistan, so that Iraqis displaced by violence have dignified, safe places to live. »»

For Displaced Iraqi Children, A Place to Heal

Catholic Relief Services and Caritas Iraq will open more child support centers over the next year to support more than 6,000 children. »»

Human Trafficking in Albania: Hiding in Plain Sight

CRS works in Albania to lay the groundwork to prevent human trafficking, and protect and support victims. »»

Mali Crisis: Four Things to Know, One Way to Help

CRS continues to aid displaced people in Mali after violence intensifies in north and central Mali. »»

Iraq: Beyond Violence & War, Hope & Resilience Prevail

In Iraq, CRS and its local Caritas partner are providing shelter, food and care for children and families struggling to survive displacement by ISIS. »»

Trash to Treasured: Creating Toys to Grow Healthy Kids

Play is necessary for a child to grow. CRS' THRIVE program teaches volunteers and parents how to make toys so children can learn. »»

A New Toy Story: How Cans, Buttons & Boxes Build Brains

Children in Tanzania are thriving, thanks to a CRS program that teaches parents how to make toys that nourish children's minds. »»

Farmer-To-Farmer: Achieving Food Independence

A young farmer traveled with CRS to Tanzania to serve others without ready access to knowledge and technology resources. »»

Climate Change: The World We Leave Our Children

Catholic Relief Services President&CEO Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo will speak at the release of Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change. »»

Gallery: Living on Land That Is No Longer Land At All

In metro Manila, some of the poorest families live on the least desirable land, which is really no longer land at all. CRS Philippines is helping. »»

Weathering Storms in the Philippines

CRS Philippines helps reduce the risk of disasters with community cleanups, planning for emergency evacuations and other steps. »»

Surviving Ebola: One Woman's Story

She lost a child—and nearly lost her life—but found the help she needed through CRS and Caritas. »»

Philippines Typhoon Shocked Skeptics

Bopha was the strongest typhoon to hit Southern Mindanao, Philippines, in living memory. It taught the value of being prepared. »»

Climate Change in Ethiopia: Counting Rains

CRS and partners are showing communities how to adapt to dramatic climate change ravaging their once-dependable pasture and farmland. »»

Climate Change: Reducing Risks in Ethiopia

Communities learn to prepare for climate change. »»

Central African Republic: 'We Want to Live in Peace'

CRS helps clear a way to end clashes between nomadic herders and villages. »»

Syrian Refugees Test Debit Card Aid

A Syrian refugee living in Jordan receives crucial rental assistance through a CRS and Caritas Jordan debit card program. »»

Proof That You Exist

More than 200 million children remind us we are all protected by a piece of paper. »»

Central African Republic: Thousands of Muslims Trapped

Even as turmoil subsides and fears ebb, half the country remains in need of immediate assistance. »»

Working Mom Fills Key Role in Gaza

CRS Gaza staffer Noura Ashour dedicates herself to helping her fellow Palestinians as she and her husband raise two girls. »»

Central African Republic: Rebuilding Homes After Crisis

CRS is helping thousands of families across the country with shelter and other emergency supplies. »»

Central African Republic: Rebuilding Homes, Livelihoods

In the wake of crisis, CRS meets urgent needs for shelter with an added sense of security. »»

A Race Against Hunger in the Central African Republic

CRS distributed seeds and farm tools before the critical rainy season to ensure people who survived violent conflict will have food in the coming year. »»

Nepal Relief Amid Loss and Grief

CRS commits $10 million to assist quake survivors as they recover and rebuild. »»

Mother's Day Tribute: Thanks to You

Your support of CRS allows us to serve moms as they raise and care for their families in 101 countries. »»

Muslim, Christian Peacebuilding in Egypt

The CRS program TA'ALA aims to stop sectarian violence through community training in mediation and conflict resolution. »»

Moms, You Are Not Alone

CRS knows being a parent can be overwhelming, and poverty makes it worse. So we help parents find support. »»

Moms Matter: Improving Maternal Health in Kenya

CRS builds on parents' strengths in Kenya to help children reach their full potential. »»

Ethiopia: From Parched Land to Plentiful Harvest

In Ethiopia millions depend on rain to grow crops to feed their families. »»

Gaza Residents Try to Rebuild Lives

Many in Gaza have lost more than homes to conflict. CRS is helping them in the long process of reclaiming their futures »»

Gaza Shelters Rise Amid Rubble

CRS provides transitional shelter and other assistance to families hit hard by the 2014 conflict. »»

Gaza Post-Conflict Response Continues

CRS is working side-by-side with residents and local partners to help Gaza communities rebuild and recover. »»

HIV 'Treatment' Offers More Than Medicine

In this Kenyan village, a CRS-sponsored program addresses medical, social and financial issues along with an understanding friend. »»

Universal Church Transcends Language Barriers

Throughout the world, the Catholic Church delivers spiritual and material support to our poorest brothers and sisters. »»

Education as a Survival Strategy

A determined young man saw that school is a door to success, CRS helped him open it. »»

CRS Cares for Creation

Catholic Relief Services is playing an important role in reducing the impact of climate change on poor and vulnerable. »»

Water for Schools in Burkina Faso

CRS' Kom-Yilma project is investing in critical water infrastructure and training on good water, hygiene and sanitation practices. »»

Gaza Kindergarten Rebuilt

Re-establishing a place to learn addresses physical and psychological damage left by 2014 conflict. »»

Maternal and Infant Health Meet Smartphones

Community health workers in India are using mobile technology to save and improve the lives of pregnant women and their babies. »»

HIV Testing, Counseling and Care

CRS helps traditional birth attendants improve survival chances for mothers and newborns. »»

HIV Testing, Counseling in Nigeria

CRS program offers information, counseling and voluntary testing to help prevent the spread of HIV. »»

Microfinance: Savings Plan Funds Business

In Burkina Faso, Savings and Internal Lending Communities are providing access to capital for people who cannot afford loans. »»

The Legacy of Blessed Oscar Romero in His Own Words

Quotes of Blessed Oscar Romero speaking for the suffering and marginalized. »»

Providing Lifesaving Support for Syrian Refugees

Once a vibrant hub of Middle Eastern culture and history, Syria has been besieged by internal conflict that has uprooted millions of innocent families. »»

Helping Hands for Burkina Faso Women

CRS Helping Hands program assists a center that provides refuge for women accused of witchcraft. »»

The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

Let Blessings Flow

Water is essential to life, but millions don't have access to it. Safe water is a blessing, and you help share the gift. »»

Training Health Care Workers for Ebola

In Guinea, one of 3 West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Protecting Health Care Workers

In Guinea, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers to help stop the spread of the deadly virus in health facilities. »»

Ebola: Doctors Risk Their Lives for Their Village

They left practices in Guinea's capital city to return to their stricken home village to help stop Ebola. »»

Syrian Refugees Supported in Lebanon

CRS and partner, the Good Shepherd Sisters, serve families through a harsh winter far from home. »»

Sustainable Agriculture: Better Crops for Nigeria

More than 50 entrepreneurial farmers in Nigeria are in the vanguard of an agricultural transformation. »»

Ebola Cases Decline, Threat Remains

One case could cause a new epidemic, so CRS seeks broad improvements to entire health care systems. »»

Helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria

CRS helps orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria by strengthening families and communities. »»

Lent: A Strong Season for All of Us

Share your Lenten sacrifices with CRS Rice Bowl and discover ways to strengthen your faith. »»

Syrian Refugees Face Bitter Winter

CRS and Caritas Iraq are providing shelter and other necessities like blankets, heaters and cooking supplies. »»

Haiti Quake: Photos Then and Now

CRS staff revisit scenes of devastation photographed in 2010 and bring back pictures that mark change and progress. »»

In 2015, Keep the Light On for CRS

This New Year, share your epiphanies with us and become the bright spot for millions around the world. »»

Mexico's Violence Countered By Mothers' Faith

Like the Virgin Mary, these mothers take refuge in their faith to bear the excruciating pain of the deaths of their sons and daughters. »»

Haiti Commitment: 3 Reasons Partnerships Have Been Key

Five years after the earthquake, focus has shifted from recovery to comprehensive long-term development in Haiti. »»

Displaced South Sudanese Receive Shelter

Many who escaped fighting left everything and faced exposure, hunger and even snakes. »»

Five Years Later:The Earthquake as a Catalyst of Change

Five years ago, a massive earthquake brought destruction and increased challenges to Haiti. But reconstruction has brought new opportunities. »»

Microfinance: Life Savings Save Lives in South Sudan

CRS savings program helped members pool resources, escape crisis and return to rebuild. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Call for Robust Response

CRS has committed money and our wide range of programming expertise to curb the deadly disease in West Africa. »»

Philippines Typhoon Hagupit Relief Work Begins

Thousands need food, water, sanitation, shelter, but CRS shelters withstood the storm. »»

Philippines: Typhoon-Resistant Shelters Work

CRS shelters withstood Typhoon Hagupit while other houses sustained serious damage. »»

Typhoon Hagupit Rains Menace Islands in the Philippines

Thousands of shelters survive, but risk of landslides and flooding keep CRS teams active. »»

Philippines Typhoon Hagupit Relief Effort Readied

Local Catholic churches offer refuge to thousands as CRS prepares the disaster relief response. »»

Philippines Typhoon 2014: Islanders Prepare for Storm

CRS eyewitness says Filipinos recovering from the last super typhoon are evacuating with their most useful possessions. »»

Typhoon Hagupit Nears Philippines, CRS Staff Prepares

CRS stockpiles of emergency supplies typically include material for emergency shelters, basic necessities like blankets and cooking sets. »»

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

CRS and Caritas Jordan are helping refugee children to stay on a school track and overcome some of the trauma of war. »»

Middle East Refugees Seek Education for Their Children

Above permanent homes and return to normalcy, Syrian and Iraqi refugees want their children to keep learning. »»

Coming Soon in the Here and Now

In this season of waiting and preparation, don't forget to enjoy the present. »»

Disaster Relief: Faster, More Accurate

In India, CRS response teams use tablet computers and QR code technology to speed help, save time and money, and make progress more trackable. »»

Violence in Honduras Pushes Thousands to U.S. Border

Children as young as 8 are recruited to sell drugs or watch for police on streets from San Salvador, El Salvador, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. »»

Beyond Beans: Growing Coffee & Opportunity in Kenya

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is working with CRS and our Caritas partner to help 1,500 Kenyan coffee farmers diversify their income. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Catholic Hospital Reopens

St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, was shuttered for months after Ebola infected much of the staff. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Burying the Dead With Dignity

Sierra Leone's Ebola death toll has risen above 1,400 people. CRS is scaling up its work there. »»

Poverty Solution: A Passion for Personal Success

GAIN allows young women to work and learn together to make better lives for themselves. »»

Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify Crops

Better nutrition is only one of the benefits CRS and Keurig Green Mountain bring to small-farm owners. »»

Rwanda Animal Fair: Goats and Hopes

Owning even a small animal means a chance to earn more and build a future. »»

Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify

For coffee farmers, new crops also mean better nutrition, new business opportunities, improved finances and more. »»

A Hand Up for Kenyan Coffee Farmers

New growing methods, goats and financing provide a lifeline for struggling families. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Rebuilding After Typhoon Haiyan

One woman tells the story of many survivors seeking a better life for their children. »»

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