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Stories From Sri Lanka

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Building Back Better

See all the different ways your support helps people around the world after disasters strike. »»

Key to Freedom: Rescuing Abused Maids in Lebanon

Locked into high-rise apartments for months or even years, some maids are virtual slaves—and see only one way out. »»

 Sri Lanka's Abused Maids

Beaten and starved, Sri Lankan women working as maids in the Middle East need protection. CRS partner Caritas has stepped in to defend them. »»

New Limbs for Sri Lanka's Amputees

What is lost in an amputation is more than a limb. New technology helps survivors regain identity and independence. »»

Rebuilding Hope—And Homes—After the Tsunami

Five years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, remembering the generosity of Catholics in the United States. Watch what your compassion accomplished. »»

'If I Help, They Might Get Through This'

When Allie Zito heard about the Indian Ocean tsunami, she knew she had to help. Watch this video to find out what inspired her to make a difference. »»

They Lived Through It: Tsunami Survivor Stories

From India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, firsthand stories from people who survived the tsunami and found hope on the other side. »»

What We Learned

Staff who worked on the ground in the first days after the Indian Ocean tsunami share the lessons they—and CRS—learned. »»

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