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Stories From South Sudan

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The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

Displaced South Sudanese Receive Shelter

Many who escaped fighting left everything and faced exposure, hunger and even snakes. »»

Microfinance: Life Savings Save Lives in South Sudan

CRS savings program helped members pool resources, escape crisis and return to rebuild. »»

Help Needed to Prevent Famine in South Sudan

Faith, hope for future motivate CRS' work distributing seeds and tools, as South Sudanese displaced by conflict return to rebuild their lives. »»

South Sudan: Seeds and Tools Are A Lifeline to Farmers

CRS needs your help to continue assisting the people of South Sudan grow food so they can care for their families. »»

A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

Several ongoing humanitarian crises would be far worse today if not for your Gospel-inspired commitment to the poor and suffering. »»

South Sudan Builds Long Road to Nationhood

New food program helps open markets and connect communities.


South Sudanese Name the Steps to Progress

In their own words, the people of South Sudan say that peace, farming and roads will help them build a prosperous new nation. »»

South Sudan Takes On Self-Reliance

After decades of foreign aid, Simon Kuereng is helping his fellow South Sudanese build their future with their own hands. »»

Independence Days: South Sudanese Relearn Self-Reliance

The world's newest nation relearns farming skills stolen by generations of war and displacement. »»

South Sudanese Mark Independence Anniversary

Our South Sudanese colleagues share their thoughts on a year of independence and what it means to them. »»

Christmas Blessing for You From CRS

"You are today's Magi because your gifts to CRS give comfort to infants as vulnerable as Jesus in the manger." »»

When Did We See You?

The parable in Matthew reminds us that kindness to people in need is generosity to God. »»

South Sudan Celebrates Long-Sought Independence

A declaration of independence is read aloud, a new flag raised and a new nation born amid joy and hope for peace. »»

Bishop Eduardo Kussala: Help Build Sudan's Future

Our dear friend, Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, from the diocese of Tombura-Yambi in South Sudan, invites us to stay with our Church in Sudan. »»

Sudan Is Knocking. Will You Answer?

South Sudan is knocking on your door. Open it, and you'll see Sudan extending two hands. One seeks your help. The other offers a rare opportunity. »»

Raw Faith and Reckless Devotion

This southern Sudanese catechist suffered captivity and torture only to escape and risk his life to save his one treasure: a battered church. »»

South Sudan Independence: July 9, 2011

As we celebrate 235 years of independence in the United States, join us in commemorating South Sudan's independence on July 9. »»

Church for the People in Southern Sudan

In the long and bloody history of southern Sudan, the Catholic Church devoted itself faithfully to the people. »»

Prayer for South Sudan

As the long process of building the Republic of South Sudan begins, bishops there invite us to join them in prayer for a united and peaceful country. »»

Sudan: Don't Miss What Comes Next

With faith at work in a powerful and public way, standing strong with Sudan offers a historic opportunity to have a lasting effect on the world. »»

The Grim Reality of Health Care in Southern Sudan

This vast area with few providers, sparse supplies and little training presents a vexing health care dilemma. »»

What Is Ailing Southern Sudan?

Flooded dirt roads, illiteracy and a lack of supplies can't deter heroic efforts to improve health care in southern Sudan. »»

Sudan 'Lost Boy' Plans Return to New Nation

After fleeing southern Sudan at age 9 and ending up abroad, Malual Deng Duot will return to a homeland that is also the youngest country in the world. »»

Against All Odds: Sudan's Peaceful Vote

Every rational assessment predicted election-related violence over the week of southern Sudan's referendum. But prayer and peace triumphed. »»

Southern Sudan at the Polls

A sense of peace and purpose permeated the throngs of voters who lined up for Sudan's historic referendum. »»

Notre Dame Students Play for Peace in Sudan

Learning about Sudan and CRS peacebuilding inspired Notre Dame University students to put its sports muscle behind a Stand With Sudan rally. »»

Sudan: Does One Life Matter?

A successful response to Sudan's overwhelming needs lies in how we answer this question: What if I can help just one person? »»

Pictures of Peacebuilding in Sudan

Well drilling, road, school and clinic construction, civic meetings and community plantings: this is what peacebuilding looks like. »»

Sudan's Peace Prayer Plan

Sister Cathy Arata helped found Solidarity for Southern Sudan, the group leading 101 Days of Prayer for peace. »»

Sudan Suffering: 'Not the Will of God'

Southern Sudan presents a violent past, a people yearning for freedom, a plausible hope for lasting peace. »»

Give Sudan Peace

If you could help keep southern Sudan from becoming the center of the next unthinkable humanitarian catastrophe, what would you do? »»

Your Church in Southern Sudan

It touches every aspect of Catholic spiritual and material life, but would you recognize your Church in southern Sudan? »»

'Peacebuilding' 101: No Fear

Unfamiliar in the U.S., peacebuilding is tangible and critical in southern Sudan where war has shattered traditional ways of resolving conflict. »»

Changing the Future: Before Sudan Cries Again

CRS and the Church are convinced that today, southern Sudan presents a rare opportunity to relieve staggering human suffering before it happens. »»

Sudanese Bishops Call for Peaceful Vote

As Southern Sudan awaits a vote on unity or secession, 3 Sudanese bishops tour the U.S. seeking prayer and support for a nation at a crossroads. »»

Helping Sudanese Rebuild in the South

After decades of war, CRS is helping half a million Sudanese to rebuild their lives and repair relationships in the south. »»

Peace Hits the Airwaves in Sudan

By developing and airing messages of peace, the Sudan Catholic Radio Network is hoping to change the way Sudanese resolve conflicts. »»

Push for Lasting Peace in Sudan

With Sudan at a critical juncture, CRS is launching a new push for peace to help Sudanese create a brighter, prosperous future. »»

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