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Stories From Sierra Leone

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Caring for Children Orphaned By Ebola

In Sierra Leone, CRS trains community volunteers to work with children who have lost one or both parents to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa. »»

Ebola Cases Decline, Threat Remains

One case could cause a new epidemic, so CRS seeks broad improvements to entire health care systems. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Call for Robust Response

CRS has committed money and our wide range of programming expertise to curb the deadly disease in West Africa. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Burying the Dead With Dignity

Sierra Leone's Ebola death toll has risen above 1,400 people. CRS is scaling up its work there. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Malaria: Success Against A Persistent Disease

Along multiple fronts and with strong partnerships, CRS pushes to counter a grim and too often fatal mosquito borne illness. »»

Education in Sierra Leone: Changing Minds

A CRS education program helps children discover and reach new ambitions. »»

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