CRS in Sierra Leone

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CRS Partners in Sierra Leone

Caritas Sierra Leone

Catholic Relief Services works with the Caritas network in Sierra Leone's three dioceses: Freetown-Bo, Kenema, and Makeni. These dioceses work with CRS on our life skills program. Aimed at primary school children, this program teaches the value of avoiding conflict, respecting one another and how to cope with the stresses of life. Parents and community members are encouraged to foster an environment in which children can exercise these new skills.

The Justice, Peace and Human Rights Commission

The Justice, Peace and Human Rights Commission of the Diocese of Makeni helps Sierra Leoneans, particularly women and children, gain access to justice. Training, legal advice and representation is provided to market women, small-scale traders and motorbike taxi drivers. The commission also raises awareness among the poor about the various channels for pursuing justice and opportunities for affordable legal advice and representation.

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding of Sierra Leone

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding of Sierra Leone and partners work throughout the districts of Sierra Leone supporting awareness campaigns and the promotion of self-reliance, as well as advocating for the rights of women and children. The network is also a proponent of conflict analysis and resolution, collaborating with CRS in a project that equips community members with the skills and the knowledge necessary to recognize and respond effectively to early warning signs of conflict.

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