CRS in Senegal

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CRS History in Senegal

Catholic Relief Services Senegal was established in 1960, the same year Senegal gained independence. During the office's early years, CRS provided aid to underserved populations, such as drought victims. Assistance included digging wells and activities that promoted nutrition, such as fishing, agriculture, arboriculture and livestock reproduction.

During the 1980s, CRS Senegal continued to address the immediate needs of Senegalese while shifting attention to the long-term needs of communities. After 1988, CRS Senegal placed an even greater emphasis on long-term development projects. Reflecting this strategy, CRS Senegal has provided support to local nongovernmental organizations and communities, while continuing to respond to emergency situations. CRS has worked with those affected by the 1990 conflict between Senegal and Mauritania, the 1991 flood victims, the 2004 locust invasions and the ongoing Casamance conflict.

Most of CRS Senegal's peacebuilding and rehabilitation activities aid vulnerable populations in undeveloped areas such as Kolda, Fatick and Tambacounda, as well as in conflict-affected areas of the Casamance. Through the years, CRS Senegal has also offered outreach support to neighboring countries, including Cape Verde, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea-Bissau. Presently, operations are focused on Senegal, Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau.

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