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Stories From Rwanda

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Rwanda 20 Years After Genocide

Faith and forgiveness are at the core of the country's commitment to healing the wounds of one fateful summer. »»

Baton Passed: Rwanda Takes Up HIV Care System

With a strengthened health system, Rwanda's health ministry is taking the HIV care reins from the CRS-led AIDSRelief consortium. »»

Love and Forgiveness After Rwanda Genocide

Tormented by the murder of her sons, a Rwandan mother finds peace in a profound act of forgiveness. »»

Cornell and CRS Take on Africa Food Crisis

Computer-based education modules created by Cornell University and CRS are helping poor farmers to restore healthy cassava fields in Africa. »»

Rwanda: An Unexpected Return On Investment

Neighbors who barely talked joined a CRS savings group, and found they enjoy each other's company as much as the loans. »»

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