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Stories From Rwanda

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Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify Crops

Better nutrition is only one of the benefits CRS and Keurig Green Mountain bring to small-farm owners. »»

Rwanda Animal Fair: Goats and Hopes

Owning even a small animal means a chance to earn more and build a future. »»

Sustainable Rwanda: Coffee Growers Diversify

For coffee farmers, new crops also mean better nutrition, new business opportunities, improved finances and more. »»

Rwanda 20 Years After Genocide

Faith and forgiveness are at the core of the country's commitment to healing the wounds of one fateful summer. »»

Baton Passed: Rwanda Takes Up HIV Care System

With a strengthened health system, Rwanda's health ministry is taking the HIV care reins from the CRS-led AIDSRelief consortium. »»

Love and Forgiveness After Rwanda Genocide

Tormented by the murder of her sons, a Rwandan mother finds peace in a profound act of forgiveness. »»

Cornell and CRS Take on Africa Food Crisis

Computer-based education modules created by Cornell University and CRS are helping poor farmers to restore healthy cassava fields in Africa. »»

Rwanda: An Unexpected Return On Investment

Neighbors who barely talked joined a CRS savings group, and found they enjoy each other's company as much as the loans. »»

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