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Pope Francis has declared that the Universal Catholic Church will observe a Jubilee Year of Mercy from December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016​. We invite you to use and share the following resources to participate in the Jubilee Year with your communities, to experience the healing joy of divine mercy and to be vessels of God’s mercy for others. Additional resources are available from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 


Vessels of Mercy is CRS’ prayer for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, asking God’s blessing as he sends us forth as willing vessels of mercy to all, asking that we might move past our reluctance and find the grace to go forth and do his will.

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Adult Faith Sharing Sessions

Live Mercy is a series of faith-sharing resources for small groups that forms, inspires and prepares communities to show Christ’s compassionate love to people around the world. The three themes for the series are:

Year of Mercy Primer

This short primer describes the purpose of jubilee years, Pope Francis’ hopes for the Year of Mercy and how we can all participate. Included are the scriptural underpinnings to the Church’s teachings on mercy as well as the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, which guide us as Christians in bringing God’s grace into the world.

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Handout: What You Can Do

This handout suggests simple ways people can practice the Corporal Works of Mercy through prayer, learning, action and giving to those in need overseas. It’s a great resource to place near doors that mark the Jubilee. 

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Mercy Video Series

Each video in this series poses an answer to the question: What is mercy? They invite us to pause and reflect on what mercy means and how we can practice it more intentionally in our daily lives.

The slideshow presents images from CRS’ work that correspond with each of the Corporal Works of Mercy. It underscores how these works are highlighted in Church teaching, how they come alive in the works of the Church and her members and how they are a means of God’s grace in the world.

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Homily Helps

These are designed to assist homilists in making connections between Luke’s Gospel and the Jubilee of Mercy so that priests and deacons can keep the themes of the Jubilee alive in their homilies throughout Lectionary Year C (Luke).

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Presentations for Clergy

For information about presentations on the Jubilee of Mercy, including preaching, resources for parish ministry and practical applications for clergy, please contact Rev. David Garcia at [email protected].


Dr. Carolyn Woo, CRS president & CEO, reflects on the Year of Mercy through her Catholic News Service column as well as a podcast with Freshly Brewed, a Catholic Youth Podcast out of Madison, WI. Contemplate the theme of mercy with the words of a woman whose life radiates the beauty of God’s mercy and love.

Rev. David Garcia of CRS reflects on what the Jubilee Year means in the current times and what we can do to celebrate it. | En Español

Social Media

Sample posts for social media throughout the Jubilee Year. 

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Sacrificial Gifts

CRS lives out the corporal works of mercy on behalf of Catholics in the United States by serving the poor in more than 100 countries. Donations can be made at | En Español

To involve a community in giving to those in need, consider raising money to support a project or organizing a special fundraising event.