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CRS Publications: Good Steward

The Good Steward - Special Edition

— 2012

The Good Steward - Special EditionIn this special edition of the Good Steward, you’ll meet donors who have included Catholic Relief Services in their wills. Read their stories and learn why and how they created their charitable legacies.

Language: English (501K) |

Good Steward #36 (Fall 2011)

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

— 2011

Good Steward #36 (Fall 2011)We’ve developed a more comprehensive newsletter --- with a new look!

Language: English (910K) |

Good Steward #35 (Winter 2010)

MAKING YOUR WILL — for the first time

— 2011

Good Steward #35 (Winter 2010)By establishing a CRS charitable gift annuity it is possible to generate life income for yourself and provide a legacy gift that CRS can use in the future to finance our humanitarian work around the world.

Language: English (435K) |

Good Steward #31 (July 2008)

Give, but Give Wisely

— 2008

Good Steward #31 (July 2008)There’s more to giving than simply being generous. If we want our gifts to do the most good, shouldn’t we also consider what we give, to whom we give, and how we give? This issue looks at giving from these perspectives and reminds us that the best gifts are those that are made thoughtfully and wisely.

Language: English (281K) |

Good Steward #30 (April 2008)

15 Planned Giving Ideas You Can Use

— 2008

Good Steward #30 (April 2008)Today many people find ways to stretch their dollar. But did you know that there are ways to stretch your charitable giving dollar as well? Depending on your circumstances, some ways of giving can be far more beneficial than others. See if any of these 15 planned giving ideas might help you.

Language: English (155K) |
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