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Stories About Public Policy

Witness to History, Compassion, Healing

After 26 years with CRS, Walter Blake shares memories and lessons learned in the field. »»

Trafficking in Moldova: 'Shocking Situation'

Moldova serves as a hub for human traffickign. Staff reports: "This tiny little country is being devastated by this phenomenon." »»

Protecting Young Women From Human Traffickers

In war-torn parts of Eastern Europe, CRS gives young women information and career alternatives to help them from falling prey to human traffickers. »»

Study Ebroad Connects Students to the World

An innovative online program connects college students in the United States with international development experts around the world. »»

Matchmaker Unites Farm Workers and Employers

Independent Agricultural Workers' Center recruits much-needed labor for U.S. farms while offering training, opportunity and hope to Mexican workers. »»

Migrant Program Profits Both Sides of Border

CITA brings reliable, willing work force to U.S. growers while building trust and lasting labor relationships. »»

Bosnia Cheese Shop Thwarts Human Trafficking

A CRS beneficiary uses her cheese shop's success to help vulnerable women. »»

Child Escapes Slavery in Benin

Marie's father sold her into domestic slavery. But after arriving at a CRS-supported center for trafficked girls, she is getting her life back. »»

Shelter Allows Girls to Escape Exploitation

Hogar de Querubines in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, supports teenage girls who have been sexually exploited, physically abused and trafficked. »»

Raising Our Voices

After the genocide in Rwanda, CRS adopted advocacy as a new tool to help those in need around the world. »»

Grass Roots in Action

Students from Villanova University and Cabrini College embarked on a trip to Capitol Hill to lobby on the topics of foreign assistance and food aid. »»

Strangers in A Strange Land

Vivian Manneh is a regional program manager for CRS in the Middle East. She reflects on the realities that refugees across the world face. »»

Guatemalan's Work Is Grounded in Her Past

Lucrecia Oliva discusses her experience — and her work with CRS — for an Operation Rice Bowl speakers' tour. »»

Walking in the Shoes of A Migrant

CRS Volunteer Megan Marshall decided to follow the path that many migrants take as they make the journey northward in search of a better life. »»

Walking in the Shoes of Migrants: Our Journey Continues

CRS Volunteer Megan Marshall decided to follow the path that many migrants take as they make the journey northward in search of a better life. »»

Awareness Key to Anti-Child-Trafficking Project

In Lago Agrio, Ecuador, sex sells, but many of the sex-workers are underage girls who are not working by choice »»

Teens Attempt to Immigrate to the United States

What would make a teen leave home and try to enter the United States illegally? And what happens to these youth if they get caught. »»

Counter-Trafficking Efforts Recognized

Ten years after creating Prajwala to combat trafficking of humans in India, Dr. Sunitha Krishan is recognized for her work. »»

Support Our Youth (Soy!) Project

CRS is helping communities implement quality education programs for child and adolescent workers at-risk. »»

Reducing Negative Effects of Migration

Since 2002 CRS has supported assistance to migrants and their families in Ecuador to mitigate the negative impacts of human mobility. »»

Cameroon Chad Pipeline Monitoring Project

CRS works with partners to ensure the rights of people living along the Cameroon/Chad pipeline are protected and the environment is preserved. »»

Money From Stone: Congo's Troubled Tin Mines

Tin ore, called cassiterite, brings high profits. But diggers and haulers are exploited, cheated, robbed and worse. »»

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