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CRS Guiding Principles on Human Trafficking

CRS' commitment to preventing and combating human trafficking is based on the mandate to protect, preserve and promote human dignity that is the heart of Catholic social teaching. CRS is committed to fighting trafficking in all its forms, and to advance solidarity with both trafficked persons and those at risk of being trafficked. CRS will ensure a people-centered approach in all counter-trafficking activities, which recognizes both immediate and long-term needs of trafficked persons.

In recognition of the long-term trauma experienced by survivors of human trafficking, CRS will apply the "do no harm" approach and principles, to ensure that all interventions prioritize the best interests of trafficking survivors, protect their privacy and diminish their risk of further exploitation.

CRS' counter-trafficking programmatic response will respect the diversity of the countries and regions in which we work, and the need to design interventions that address diverse contexts. As our overall agency efforts advance, CRS will promote the importance of cross-regional learning.

CRS' counter-trafficking programs are committed to:

  • Promoting human rights and responsibilities and the dignity of the person as the foundation of our approach.
  • Empowering trafficked persons and those at-risk.
  • Addressing the root causes as well as the consequences of trafficking.
  • Advancing a holistic response that will include prevention, service provisions and reintegration; policy, advocacy and solidarity components.
  • Promoting collaboration between source, transit and destination countries, to address both demand and the factors that place individuals and communities at-risk.
  • Building on existing community and institutional assets.
  • Working with multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral networks.

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