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Prayer to the Good Shepherd

Children walking in the rain hand-in-habnd

Photo by Sara A. Fajardo/CRS

Lord of the 23rd Psalm,
     I have known death,
         And you have refreshed my soul.
     I have known fear,
         And you have comforted me.
     I have known hunger,
         And you have set a feast before me.
     In the darkest valley
         No calamity of humankind or nature has          separated us.

Teach me to walk as you walk
     Beside those in mourning
         So that they will know joy,
     Beside those in fear
         That they will know comfort,
     Beside those in hunger
         That they will feast until their cup overflows.

As your goodness and love follow me,
     May mine follow my neighbor
     That the threat of the worst terrors
     May turn to the knowledge of the comforts of the house of the Lord,
     Where you have invited us to dwell forever.

And so let me strive to help build on earth
     What you have promised us in heaven.
     In the face of all calamity, present and yet to come,
     Let me lead my neighbor beside quiet waters,
     The quiet waters of the Good Shepherd.


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