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Fill Us to Bursting

Worshipers in Tanzania pray to end hunger.

Worshipers in Tanzania participate in the Global Wave of Prayer, launching the first global campaign involving the entire Caritas confederation with a simple and ambitious goal — the end of hunger by 2025. Photo courtesy of Caritas Internationalis.

Loving and gracious God,

When the obedient widow had given her
     family's last bit of flour to Elijah,
   You fed them.
When you called your sons and daughters out
     of bondage,
   You fed them.
When faced with the hunger of the 5,000,
   With nothing save a few gracious handfuls
     offered up by a child,
   You fed them.
Time and again, you have foreshadowed the      bread of salvation
By nourishing us with the
     bread of this world.

Lord, you filled the fishermen's nets to
Fill us to bursting.
Fill us with compassion for our sisters and
Fill us with the grace that pours forth from your
     loving heart.
Fill us with obedience to your last commandments:
   To go forth into the world
   To do for others as you have done for us
   To feed your sheep.

So many are hungry,
And we are hungry too.
In our weariness, our complacency, our cynicism,
We have grown hungry for your compassionate spirit.

Fill us to bursting.


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