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Donor Stories

Meet people just like you who are making extraordinary gifts to Catholic Relief Services, and learn how they created legacies that will give hope to the poorest and most vulnerable people overseas. Read a story from real-life CRS donor, Monica Schumann, below. To read other donor stories, go here.

Monica Schumann: Generations of Giving

Monica Schumann Monica Schumann grew up with a passion for travel and an unflagging interest in cultures. Her parents owned a grocery store in Gloucestershire, England, with petrol pumps in the front and their living space behind the shop. Here, Monica absorbed her deepest values. "My father... would pack up groceries for the needy families in our neighborhood, even when we didn't have very much ourselves."

The charitable values she learned from her family, along with her interest in the world outside her home inspired her longtime support of Catholic Relief Services.

Working as a secretary for the World Health Organization, she recalls being deeply affected by stories about people lacking access to clean water. Monica, a committed Catholic, learned that a Catholic organization - CRS - helped communities overseas develop safe water sources. She decided that, as soon as she could afford it, she would support our work.

She made her first gifts with her family through CRS Operation Rice Bowl. Giving as a family was important to her and has inspired two of her three children to work in developing countries.

Now, Monica has decided to give to CRS through her will. She feels strongly about honoring her family's legacy this way. "I want to die as I have lived," she says. "And I have always given a portion of what I have to others."

Those "others" are important to her. "I believe that we are all part of one large family... I feel that, when people from CRS are out in Africa and Cambodia and South America, by being a part of [the body of Christ], I am also out there."

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