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Donor Stories

Meet people just like you who are making extraordinary gifts to Catholic Relief Services, and learn how they created legacies that will give hope to the poorest and most vulnerable people overseas. Read a story from real-life CRS donor, Bill Rhames, below. To read other donor stories, go here.

Bill Rhames: Shaping the Future

Bill Rhames I care deeply about the work of CRS, and I feel strongly about my choice to include CRS as part of my estate.

I won't be here forever. When my time comes, I want to leave behind a legacy that resonates with the world I tried to help build during my life.

And in my life, it has been one of my greatest joys to help the poor and suffering people of the world, especially the children.

And the more I learn about how CRS values young people and strives to empower them, the more I see the hand of Christ and the guiding light of his mother, Mary, in their work.

By giving to CRS in my will, I feel that I will have a hand in shaping the future of today's children long after I am gone. I am able to be a part of the body of Christ as he sustains orphans, those who are hungry and other vulnerable people around the world through CRS.

I often tell people that it doesn't matter how much or how little you give. Just give! You won't regret it. And by giving in your will, your spirit will live on, not only in heaven but here on earth. At the end of a long and blessed life, this knowledge is worth more than I could ever say.

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