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Donor Stories

Meet people just like you who are making extraordinary gifts to Catholic Relief Services, and learn how they created legacies that will give hope to the poorest and most vulnerable people overseas. Read a story from real-life CRS donor, Patricia Hoffman, below. To read other donor stories, go here.

Patricia Hoffman: From Idaho With Love

Patricia Hoffman Mrs. Patricia Hoffman has chosen to touch the world from her home in Idaho. Idaho is nestled beautifully between the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. Patricia grew up in St. Maries, a small town built at the confluence of the St. Maries and St. Joe Rivers.

For more than 35 years, Mrs. Hoffman worked for the U.S. government. Among the agencies where she worked was the Bureau of Reclamation. Today, it is the largest wholesaler of water in the country. Mrs. Hoffman dedicated her life to bringing precious water to 17 western states.

She first heard about Catholic Relief Services in 1977 during the annual CRS Collection at her church. Now she is a loyal donor. "I feel that CRS serves a lot of people who can't help themselves."

"Helping the refugees was a big draw," she adds. "I seem to have a personal need to be a part of something worthwhile and important. Growing up in the Depression, I was proud to see my parents' name among the principal donors to our parish, even though dad's income was modest. And, at Christmas when I was asking Santa for a new doll, my mother suggested that I select from among my several dolls one to give a poor child—and doing so is a real special happy memory. These were all little things. If someone admired something my mother was wearing, she might just take it off and give it to them. I just try to follow the standard that was set for me."

Mrs. Hoffman started two charitable gift annuities with CRS back in 1986. "The checks arrive twice a year. One is around Christmas and the other at tax time. Both are very timely." Since then her number of charitable gift annuities through CRS has reached 20.

"I like the way CRS manages money," she says. "CRS is reliable and has a good rating."

Mrs. Hoffman set up a charitable gift annuity for one of her eight stepchildren. "He was really pleased. When he found out about it, he said, 'It made me feel special.'"

"The need is so great. Investing in CRS, I am confident that my small contribution is a great way to help my neighbor. And my happiness and blessings increase in so many ways."

It appears Mrs. Hoffman makes her home now at the confluence of compassion and generosity. From there, she can touch the world... from Idaho with love.

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