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Charitable Gift Annuities

CRS Charitable Gift Annuities are now available in California!

Annuity Forms and Agreements

Gift Annuity Application: Complete this form to apply to make a gift annuity to CRS.

Additional Gift Annuity Form: Complete this form to establish an additional gift annuity.

Gift Annuity Disclosure: Read the CRS Charitable Gift Annuity disclosure for all U.S. states except Alabama and Arizona.
Disclosure For Alabama Residents
Disclosure For Arizona Residents

Read a sample CRS Gift Annuity Agreement or CRS Deferred Gift Annuity Agreement.

What Is a CRS Charitable Gift Annuity?

A Catholic Relief Services Charitable Gift Annuity is a way for you to make a gift that helps CRS serve poor and vulnerable people overseas and guarantees lifetime income for you and/or someone you designate.

Gift Annuity Calculator: Use our online calculator to estimate the benefits you can enjoy with a CRS Charitable Gift Annuity plan.

How Do They Work?

  1. You donate cash, stocks, bonds or mutual funds to CRS and ask us to establish a gift annuity.
  2. Once we finalize the gift annuity agreement, CRS will begin paying a fixed, guaranteed amount of lifetime income to you and/or anyone you name.
  3. After your lifetime or that of your selected beneficiary, CRS will use the remaining principal from your gift to continue our lifesaving and life-giving work overseas.

Gift Annuity Chart
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A minimum donation of $5,000 is requested to establish a CRS Charitable Gift Annuity.

CRS Charitable Gift Annuities are currently unavailable to residents of Hawaii.

Patricia Hoffman's Story

Patricia Hoffman

"I feel that CRS serves a lot of people who can't help themselves... I seem to have a personal need to be a part of something worthwhile and important."

Read how Patricia Hoffman's CRS gift annuity is helping her and helping the world's poorest.

What Are the Benefits?

What Are the Variables?

Basic Gift Illustration

Summary of Benefits

5.1% of Charitable Gift Annuity


Annuitant Age 70
Cash Donated $10,000
Annuity Rate 5.1%


Charitable Deduction $3582
Annuity $510
          Tax-Free Portion $403
          Ordinary Income $107

After 15.9 years the entire annuity becomes ordinary income.

IRS Discount Rate 1.4%

These calculations are for illustration purposes only and should not be considered legal, accounting or other professional advice. Your actual benefits may vary depending on several factors, including the timing of your gift.

Your donation to establish a CRS Charitable Gift Annuity can be any combination of cash, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. When you donate long-term appreciated assets, only a portion of the capital gain will be recognized, and the capital gains tax on that portion will be spread across the income payments. You will avoid any capital gains taxes on the remaining portion.

One Life

Age Rate (%) Annuity ($)
60 4.4 $440
65 4.7 $470
70 5.1 $510
75 5.8 $580
80 6.8 $680
85 7.8 $780
90+ 9.0 $900

Two Life

Age Rate (%) Annuity ($)
60/65 4.0 $400
65/70 4.4 $440
70/75 4.8 $480
75/80 5.3 $530
80/85 6.1 $610
85/90 7.3 $730
90/95 8.8 $880

Use our Gift Annuity Calculator to estimate the benefits you can enjoy with a CRS Charitable Gift Annuity plan.

Do Charitable Gift Annuities Have a Place in Retirement Planning?

Absolutely! A gift annuity can add income, diversification and reliability to a retirement plan.

Remember, a gift annuity is not a traditional investment instrument. A distinct difference is the irrevocable nature of a gift annuity. Once established, you cannot change or reinvest a charitable gift annuity in another way.

Only charitable organizations such as CRS provide charitable gift annuities. Gift annuities are not available at banks, trust companies, brokerage firms, investment companies or other types of financial enterprises.

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