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CRS Helps People Fleeing Violence in Philippines

CRS is providing shelter, sanitation and household goods to families displaced by violence in the southern Philippines. »»

Gallery: Living on Land That Is No Longer Land At All

In metro Manila, some of the poorest families live on the least desirable land, which is really no longer land at all. CRS Philippines is helping. »»

Weathering Storms in the Philippines

CRS Philippines helps reduce the risk of disasters with community cleanups, planning for emergency evacuations and other steps. »»

Philippines Typhoon Shocked Skeptics

Bopha was the strongest typhoon to hit Southern Mindanao, Philippines, in living memory. It taught the value of being prepared. »»

The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

In 2015, Keep the Light On for CRS

This New Year, share your epiphanies with us and become the bright spot for millions around the world. »»

Philippines Typhoon Hagupit Relief Work Begins

Thousands need food, water, sanitation, shelter, but CRS shelters withstood the storm. »»

Philippines: Typhoon-Resistant Shelters Work

CRS shelters withstood Typhoon Hagupit while other houses sustained serious damage. »»

Typhoon Hagupit Rains Menace Islands in the Philippines

Thousands of shelters survive, but risk of landslides and flooding keep CRS teams active. »»

Philippines Typhoon Hagupit Relief Effort Readied

Local Catholic churches offer refuge to thousands as CRS prepares the disaster relief response. »»

Philippines Typhoon 2014: Islanders Prepare for Storm

CRS eyewitness says Filipinos recovering from the last super typhoon are evacuating with their most useful possessions. »»

Typhoon Hagupit Nears Philippines, CRS Staff Prepares

CRS stockpiles of emergency supplies typically include material for emergency shelters, basic necessities like blankets and cooking sets. »»

Rebuilding After Typhoon Haiyan

One woman tells the story of many survivors seeking a better life for their children. »»

Typhoon Haiyan, One Year Later

People like Ric De Veyra emerge during crisis to show that it is possible to pick up the pieces in the wake of disaster. »»

After Haiyan, 'A Peaceful Place to Sleep'

CRS works closely with families in the Philippines to design and build transitional homes that provide safety, security—and a sense of control. »»

A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

Several ongoing humanitarian crises would be far worse today if not for your Gospel-inspired commitment to the poor and suffering. »»

After Haiyan, Tarp Makes Beautiful Music

A durable, specially designed tarp helps put more than a roof over the heads of Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines. »»

Philippines Emergency: Faith Stronger Than Typhoon

As he builds his CRS-provided emergency shelter, Haiyan survivor Hermogenes Cortez Jr. recalls furious winds—and an unwavering trust in God. »»

Philippines Haiyan Recovery: Building Shelter

CRS staff builds durable, inexpensive shelters as a first response in restoring communities beset by calamity. »»

Typhoon Haiyan: Help Philippines Survive and Recover

As one of history's most brutal storms hits the Philippines, CRS is working with the government and partners to maximize recovery efforts. »»

Better Cacao and Incomes in the Philippines

CRS helps indigenous farmers improve plantings and get better prices for their crops. »»

Coffee Growers Gain Market Power

By bringing farmers together CRS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and local partners in the Philippines help coffee bean sellers earn more. »»

Philippines Typhoon: Deadly Mudslide Strands Families

With help from USAID and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, CRS is responding with survival kits for families who lost everything. »»

Typhoon Bopha Hits the Philippines

Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines, leaving behind damaged homes and lives. These typhoon photos say a lot more than a thousand words. »»

Coffee Stimulates Improved Lives in Philippines

Coffee farmer Jocel Gamboa plans to share with her community the CRS-supported training she received that dramatically improved life for her family. »»

Philippines: Healthier Harvests, Healthier Farmers

Filippino farmers use natural farming techniques to produce more with without the harmful chemicals. »»

Testing the Waters in Postflood Philippines

A simple visual tool tells Philippines flood survivors whether their water source is safe or contaminated. »»

Young People Break Barriers in the Philippines

Your support puts tools into the hands of children already weary of war to help them break down the foundations of violence. »»

Making the World Safe for Chocolate

In the southern Philippines, CRS is helping small farmers beat bugs, revive the cacao industry and overcome poverty. »»

Philippine Towns Weather Typhoon Juan

Wind damage, rather than flooding, is primary concern after Typhoon Juan hit the Philippines. »»

CRS Assesses Damage After Typhoon Strikes Philippines

Catholic Relief Services plans to support local dioceses as they help victims of a Category 5 typhoon that slammed into the Philippines on Monday. »»

Philippines: Uniting Farmers, Linking to Markets

A new approach to farming raises more crops, but it also helps farmers when they're not in their fields. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Faith Helps Filipinos Face Typhoon Tragedies

Thousands of people in the Philippines are undertaking a massive cleanup of their homes and neighborhoods after losing so much to two typhoons. »»

Storms, Quakes Rock Asia-Pacific Regions

Typhoons, earthquakes and monsoon rains killed hundreds and left millions homeless in Southeast Asia, India and islands in the Pacific Rim. »»

Photo Tour: Aid Reaches Flooded Philippines

Massive flooding has killed over 250 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. CRS and our partners are providing food and emergency supplies. »»

Seeking Survivors After Asian-Pacific Catastrophes

With millions left homeless, CRS and our partners seek more survivors and increase commitments to deliver help. »»

Wave of Destruction Hits Asia-Pacific Region

Catholic Relief Services has committed $1 million to a multi-pronged emergency response after a string of disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. »»

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