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Stories About Peacebuilding

Against All Odds: Sudan's Peaceful Vote

Every rational assessment predicted election-related violence over the week of southern Sudan's referendum. But prayer and peace triumphed. »»

Southern Sudan at the Polls

A sense of peace and purpose permeated the throngs of voters who lined up for Sudan's historic referendum. »»

Notre Dame Students Play for Peace in Sudan

Learning about Sudan and CRS peacebuilding inspired Notre Dame University students to put its sports muscle behind a Stand With Sudan rally. »»

Timor Gangs Give Peace A Chance

A CRS peacebuilding program is helping East Timor gang members see that their real enemy is a culture of violence. »»

Sudan: Does One Life Matter?

A successful response to Sudan's overwhelming needs lies in how we answer this question: What if I can help just one person? »»

Pictures of Peacebuilding in Sudan

Well drilling, road, school and clinic construction, civic meetings and community plantings: this is what peacebuilding looks like. »»

After Years of Violence, Peace for East Timor's People

Old resentments have prompted fighting in East Timor. CRS programs help opposing groups build bridges—literally and figuratively. »»

Sudan's Peace Prayer Plan

Sister Cathy Arata helped found Solidarity for Southern Sudan, the group leading 101 Days of Prayer for peace. »»

Sudan Suffering: 'Not the Will of God'

Southern Sudan presents a violent past, a people yearning for freedom, a plausible hope for lasting peace. »»

Give Sudan Peace

If you could help keep southern Sudan from becoming the center of the next unthinkable humanitarian catastrophe, what would you do? »»

Your Church in Southern Sudan

It touches every aspect of Catholic spiritual and material life, but would you recognize your Church in southern Sudan? »»

'Peacebuilding' 101: No Fear

Unfamiliar in the U.S., peacebuilding is tangible and critical in southern Sudan where war has shattered traditional ways of resolving conflict. »»

Changing the Future: Before Sudan Cries Again

CRS and the Church are convinced that today, southern Sudan presents a rare opportunity to relieve staggering human suffering before it happens. »»

Sudanese Bishops Call for Peaceful Vote

As Southern Sudan awaits a vote on unity or secession, 3 Sudanese bishops tour the U.S. seeking prayer and support for a nation at a crossroads. »»

Reaching Out to Northern Sudan

CRS helps a half million people in Darfur and Khartoum to improve their lives in spite of difficult circumstances. »»

Healing From War's Brutality in Congo

St. Camillus parish in Maryland reaches out in faith to serve women whose lives have been torn apart by rape as a weapon of war. »»

Love and Forgiveness After Rwanda Genocide

Tormented by the murder of her sons, a Rwandan mother finds peace in a profound act of forgiveness. »»

Peace Hits the Airwaves in Sudan

By developing and airing messages of peace, the Sudan Catholic Radio Network is hoping to change the way Sudanese resolve conflicts. »»

Push for Lasting Peace in Sudan

With Sudan at a critical juncture, CRS is launching a new push for peace to help Sudanese create a brighter, prosperous future. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation

Excerpts from Pope's 2010 message for the World Day of Peace »»

Restoring Peace in Kenya

Watch this video to learn how CRS helped support peacebuilding activities in Kenya when violence erupted after a disputed presidential election. »»

Witness to History, Compassion, Healing

After 26 years with CRS, Walter Blake shares memories and lessons learned in the field. »»

Rwandan Genocide Reawakened, Then Reshaped CRS

In the sobering aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, CRS rediscovered a gem and a path forward—Catholic social teaching. »»

Pope Benedict XVI in the Holy Land

As the Holy Father visits the land where Jesus walked, CRS shares Pope Benedict's hopes for peace. »»

Peacebuilding: Healing the Wounds of War

By bringing sides together, CRS helps groups in conflict break the cycle of war and poverty. »»

Villanova Educators Bring Home Lessons From Rwanda

Scenes of forgiveness and renewal following genocide in Rwanda offer powerful lessons for Villanova educators. »»

Kenyans Rebuild Lives After Election Violence

Community forums and innovative vouchers are helping Kenyans to rebuild social ties and peacefully return to farming. »»

A Future of Peace

With its values-based educational programs, CRS seeks to bring out the best in future Palestinian leaders. »»

Young People in the Holy Land

CRS helps Palestinian teens in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza look forward with hope. »»

Waging Peace in Southern Sudan

Government officials, parliament members and community peace officers learn valuable skills to break the cycle of violence across southern Sudan. »»

'They Think We're Crazy': Holy Land Peacemakers

A Palestinian and an Israeli who lost loved ones to the conflict share the stories of their pain — and their friendship. »»

Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

Join people of faith across the United States, Canada and Colombia in the ecumenical Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia April 27-28. »»

A Better Road for Peace

Residents in southern Sudan are pitching in to clear a main road to support development efforts while fostering peace among communities. »»

From Sharpshooters to Soccer Diplomacy in Kosovo

Witnesses to bloody conflict when they were small children, Kosovo's youth are trying to bridge the ethnic divide that once tore their nation apart. »»

Photo Tour: Seeking Safety in Kenya

Thousands of families displaced by the post-election violence in Kenya are receiving assistance from CRS and other agencies. »»

2007 Year in Photos

Our year-end roundup salutes the work of our dedicated staff and beneficiaries, whose resiliency rises above the most challenging circumstances. »»

Finding Refuge and Hope in Kenya

CRS brings relief to thousands of Kenyans displaced by violence resulting from a disputed presidential election. »»

Aid Continues in Kenya

Post-election violence forced hundreds of thousands of Kenyans from their homes. CRS and Caritas continue to distribute supplies to thousands in need. »»

Letter From Bethlehem

There are carols and church processions at Christmas in Bethlehem. But there is also great suffering as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues. »»

Building A Future With Peace and Tolerance

Alban Mehmeti, a Kosovar Albanian, visited the U.S. with three other high school students to promote peace. »»

The Meaning of 50 Years

Nearing the third anniversary of the South Asia tsunami, CRS reflects on 50 years of work in Indonesia and the resilience of the communities we serve. »»

Congo: the Road to Recovery

Watch a video about peacebuilding and relief efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. »»

Martin Sheen, Ken Hackett Inaugurate Peace School

"The mandate is to change the world and that begins with ourselves," said actor Martin Sheen, who helped inaugurate a new peace studies school at University of San Diego. »»

Growing Up in Gaza: A Story of Perseverance and Hope

Born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza, CRS' field manager Omar Shaban shares his inspiration for life in this embattled land. »»

An Unpredictable Path

He lost his brother and his business in the Kosovo War. Today Petar Prica is working for peace in a land still divided by ethnic tensions. »»

Jamaican Youth Reach Out to Hurricane Victims

As Hurricane Dean blew over Jamaica, members of a youth marching band helped residents secure their homes and are now assisting in relief efforts. »»

Clinic, School Return to War-Torn Lebanon

A southern Lebanon community celebrates the reopening of a building destroyed by war, thanks to assistance from CRS and a local partner. »»

Paralegals Promote Peace in Northern Uganda

A network of 140 paralegal volunteers is helping northern Ugandans live in peace by mediating disputes in camps for displaced people. »»

Peace in the Holy Land: Investing in Youth Leaders

University students regroup for peace at a CRS youth leadership camp in Gaza. »»

Simu Malu: Finding Peace in East Timor

In Dili, East Timor, a place where thousands are displaced by communal violence, CRS is creatively fostering peace and mutual understanding. »»

From the Ashes of Conflict, Hope Blooms

A Lebanon community finds an oasis - and hope - in a CRS-supported park. »»

Kenya Opens Eyes and Hearts of U.S. Students

Students gain new perspectives on peace and justice through a visit to Kenya and CRS projects. »»

West Bank Students March to Call for Palestinian Unity

Students, teachers and parents in the West Bank held a candlelight march, calling for Palestinian unity. »»

Parish Social Ministries Director Visits Tanzania

Scott Cooper, director of parish social ministries for Catholic Charities in Spokane Washington recently traveled to Tanzania with CRS. »»

Hope in the Face of Violence

More than 3 million people in Colombia have been forced from their homes as a result of ongoing violence. »»

The Frontlines of Crisis in Sri Lanka

Over the past year, escalating violence in Sri Lanka has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and find refuge in the countryside. »»

Conflicts Across the Horn of Africa

An arc of crisis is stretching across the Horn of Africa, from Mogadishu, Somalia, to N'Djamena, Chad. »»

O Little Town of Bethlehem

After a trip to the Holy Land, Elizabeth Griffin reflects on the impact of the barrier wall that divides Bethlehem. »»

Deja Vu As Humanitarian Situaion in Gaza Unravels

G. Jefferson Price III reflects on how conditions in Gaza have not improved since he was there 23 years ago. Instead they have become worse. »»

CRS Expands Operations in Lebanon

CRS is expanding its operations in Lebanon with the August 31 opening of a new office in Beirut. »»

Soccer for Peace

For the 13,000 people camped out at a school in East Timor to escape recent violence there, soccer brought something of a miracle. »»

Cyber Bridges: Quest for Peace

Instead of enjoying their childhood, many Palestinian youth, like Nicholas spend most of their time dreaming about living in a peaceful world. »»

Center for Conflict Transformation & Peace Studies

Since 2000, CRS has worked with the Diocese of Damongo to implement peace programs in Northern Ghana. »»

What Is Dayton?

Sarajevan, Mira Mehmedovic, reflects on the nightmare of war and a decade of peace. »»

Diocese of Quibdo Integrated Assistance Project

Since 1998, CRS has supported the Diocese of Quibdo, which provides a significant portion of the humanitarian aid in this isolated region. »»

Jesuit Mobile School for Peace and Co-Existence

The School for Peace and Co-Existence Program, is widely recognized as one of Colombia's most innovative grassroots peace efforts. »»

Helping Sudanese Rebuild in the South

After decades of war, CRS is helping half a million Sudanese to rebuild their lives and repair relationships in the south. »»

Sudan 'Lost Boy' Plans Return to New Nation

After fleeing southern Sudan at age 9 and ending up abroad, Malual Deng Duot will return to a homeland that is also the youngest country in the world. »»

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