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Inter-Religious Dialogue

Catholic Relief Services actively supports inter-religious dialogue in a number of countries as a natural outgrowth of its Catholic identity and involvement with local or national church bodies. For example, in the Mindanao region of The Philippines, CRS works with the Bishops-Ulama dialogue forum, encouraging dialogue between high-level Christian and Muslim leaders.

In Pakistan, CRS supported inter-religious dialogues in the districts of Rawalpindi, Gujarat, and Lahore, as well as seminars emphasizing the social teachings of Islam and Christianity to promote messages of forgiveness, peacebuilding and reconciliation. CRS Pakistan also sponsored a millennial inter-faith peace walk that was held between Dec. 24, 1999 and Jan. 4, 2000. In Cameroon, CRS supports a local Ecumenical Service for Peace, which offers programs in citizen education, conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

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