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Faces of Hope in A Time of Drought

In Pakistan's Tharparkar District, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is helping thousands cope with the devastating effects of a prolonged drought. »»

Pakistani Women Encourage Girls' Education

In northern Pakistan, CRS is working with religious leaders and families to support education for all children, especially girls. »»

Streams of Living Water

From your Lenten observance flow blessings that change lives in profound ways. »»

Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

When Did We See You?

The parable in Matthew reminds us that kindness to people in need is generosity to God. »»

More Floods Wash Over Pakistan, India

Another round of torrential rains sweep away progress for many families recovering from last year's deadly floods. »»

Another Chance for Pakistan

One year after devastating flooding destroyed homes, crops and livestock throughout Pakistan, your support has helped people rebuild their lives. »»

Building Back Better

See all the different ways your support helps people around the world after disasters strike. »»

Pakistan Flood: Seeding Recovery

Your support helped CRS feed 11,000 families after last summer's historic flooding washed away crops on many farms throughout southern Pakistan. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

With two thirds of the earth under water, you might not think we'd need a day to remind us that millions of people don't have near enough of it. »»

Pakistan Floods Reshape Landscapes and Lives

As water rushed from the mountains to the sea, people lost homes and crops in nearly every region of Pakistan. »»

Building the Road to Recovery in Pakistan

Massive flooding destroyed bridges, roads, water systems and more. CRS is paying local men to rebuild crucial infrastructure. »»

Sheltering Pakistan's Flood Survivors

For families whose homes were washed away in the summer of 2010, CRS is building sturdy transitional housing. »»

Shelter for Pakistan Flood Survivors

CRS is rushing aid to thousands of Pakistanis who barely survived some of the worst flooding in the nation's history. »»

Pakistani Family Returns to Washed Out Home

In the first weeks after floods claimed their homes, CRS gave Pakistanis hygiene supplies such as soap and materials for temporary shelter. »»

Pakistan Floods Ravage North and South

Flood survivors need safe water, roads and shelter as 2 very different types of flooding hit Pakistan's northern and southern regions. »»

Flooding, Landslides Hit 16 Million Pakistanis

Those who survived lost crops, homes, roads, even land to torrential rains and mudslides that isolate communities and challenge CRS' relief response. »»

Flooding, Mudslides Hit Pakistan

In northern Pakistan, CRS is responding to deadly flooding that has wiped out homes, schools, medical centers and bridges. »»

Floods Tear Through Northern Pakistan

Photos of flood-ravaged northern Pakistan give a brief glimpse of the loss more than a million Pakistanis suffered following July monsoons. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

World Water Day reminds us how rare clean water sources are in much of the world, and how many parts of life are improved when water is made available. »»

Helping Pakistan's Most Vulnerable

See CRS staff as they climb mountains and reach remote areas to help the needy. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

New Life for Pakistan's HIV Sufferers

An HIV program in Pakistan helps people once near death enjoy full and productive lives. »»

Sheltering Pakistan's Displaced Families

CRS has built thousands of thatched-roof shelters for Pakistanis forced to flee war. As some return home, CRS is committed to helping them start over. »»

'I Wanted to Write My Name'

Accelerated literacy classes offer Afghan refugee women a chance to get an education and skills that help them earn extra money for their families. »»

Pakistan Village Enjoys Clean Water, Better Health

In drought-prone Sindh province, CRS Pakistan helps villages get fair access to limited water resources, and clean drinking water. »»

CRS Provides Shelter to Thousands in Pakistan

Violence in Pakistan has made 3 million people homeless. Host communities struggle to shelter them, but resources are running out. »»

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