CRS in Peru

Catholic Relief Services has worked in Peru for more than 60 years. Although Peru has shown sustained economic growth in recent years and is now considered a middle-income country, huge gaps between rich and poor still pose major challenges. Conflicts over natural resources remain common throughout the country, from the Sierra, to the Amazon and on the coast.

CRS is currently working with native communities, small-scale gold miners and farmers in the southern department of Madre de Dios, a part of the Amazon region, to ensure that these groups peacefully co-manage their natural resources in line with Government of Peru policies. To maximize results, CRS and Church partners leverage our position as part of the institutional network of social development organizations of the Catholic Church, which is a critical and influential actor in Peru and the wider Amazon region. This network includes the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM); the Latin American and Caribbean Secretariat of Caritas (SELACC); and the Ecclesial Pan-Amazon Network (REPAM). REPAM is a new network which CELAM and SELACC have formed to tackle urgent environmental and development needs in the Amazon region.


People served: 15,224

Population: 30,444,999 (July 2015 est.)

Size: 496,225 sq. mi.; slightly smaller than Alaska

Programming Areas

CRS' History in Peru

Catholic Relief Services has worked in Peru since the 1950s working with church partners to alleviate suffering and reduce poverty through projects focusing on agricultural value chains, human rights, emergency response and food distribution, water and sanitation, conflict management and mitigation around natural resource management, microfinance, human trafficking and civil society strengthening.