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Guidelines | April 8, 2013

Guidance on Monitoring and Evaluation

This handbook provides guidance for designing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation system. The standards in the handbook provide practical quality-control considerations for individual components of an M&E system.


  • Introduction

  • Core M&E Standards

  • Gender and M&E

  • Project Monitoring

  • Community Participation in M&E

  • M&E in Emergencies

  • Creating an M&E Plan

  • Creating an Analysis Plan

  • Developing Quantitative Tools

  • Developing Qualitative Tools

  • Random Sampling

  • Purposeful Sampling

  • Training and Field Testing

  • Collecting Qualitative Data

  • Developing a Quantitative Database

  • Data Entry and Cleaning

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Reflection Events

  • Planning and Conducting an Evaluation

  • Appendix I: CRS Monitoring and Evaluation Standards

  • Appendix II: CRS Asia Monitoring System Review Tool

  • References