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Manuals | July 15, 2010

The Faithful House

Core module manual and fertility awareness methods

This manual is for facilitators of workshops designed to strengthen couples and help families space pregnancies. It is founded on the belief that a strong marriage can help bring health, stability and prosperity to a family. Through a simple visual representation of a house—foundation, pillars, walls, windows and roof—the curriculum illustrates how a well-constructed marriage house will enable relationships to be strong and families to flourish. The guide includes information about family planning methods to help couples achieve healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. 


  • Foreward to the First Edition 

  • Acknowledgments 

  • Introduction to The Faithful House

  • Module One: The Frame of The Faithful House

  • Module Two: Completing The Faithful House

  • Module Three: Living within a Faithful House

  • Module Four: Challenges within The Faithful House

  • Module Five: Fertility Awareness Methods

  • Appendices