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Stories From Niger

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Lent: A Strong Season for All of Us

Share your Lenten sacrifices with CRS Rice Bowl and discover ways to strengthen your faith. »»

Malaria: Success Against A Persistent Disease

Along multiple fronts and with strong partnerships, CRS pushes to counter a grim and too often fatal mosquito borne illness. »»

Photos: CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

See how CRS eases the suffering of refugees with lifesaving clean water, food kits, medicine and other essentials. »»

World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

From Europeans fleeing countries during WWII to Somalis, Syrians and Malians today, the Church works through CRS to protect and advocate for refugees. »»

Sahel Crisis: Helping Refugees in Niger

CRS is bringing much needed water, sanitation and hygiene services to thousands of refugees from Mali who have fled to neighboring Niger. »»

Niger: Hunger Pains A Nation

Across Niger, people are desperately hungry, and livestock are dying. CRS is delivering food and putting people to work. »»

Hunger in Niger: Food for A Famished Nation

Across Niger people are hungry and livestock are dying. CRS is delivering food and putting people to work so they can feed their families. »»

Under the Malaria Safety Net in Niger

Hawa knows the nightmare of malaria. So now, every night, she herds her brood under the mosquito net. Then she crawls in after them. »»

Niger Flood Washes Up Troubles and Memories

Crashing rains washed away everything but a family's future and an old man's stories of a better life. »»

Nigerien Farmers' New Menace: El Niño

Find out how a little concrete and a fence spares nomadic farmers a desperate search for water during a disappointing rainy season. »»

Cell Phones Boost Nigerien Literacy, Profits

Farmers in Niger are now learning to read and to check market prices with their cell phones. »»

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