Release date
September 18, 2004

We Are All Connected

September 18, 2004, —

Alice Bernadette Ntola joined CRS Zimbabwe in 1991 when the country program was three years old. At that time, the program was small and Alice provided the professional administrative support for the entire office.

CRS staffer, Alice Ntola

Alice Ntola, Administration Manager, has served with CRS Zimbabwe for 13 years.

Alice supports key functions to the CRS Zimbabwe country program, including human resources management, contractual agreements, and asset management. The institutional knowledge and skills she has gained over the years have made Alice a valuable asset to the country program team.

"I enjoy doing something that makes a difference and a direct improvement in someone's life. I get real satisfaction in knowing that CRS, together with our partners, is giving real help. We are increasing people's chances of living a better life with HIV," Ntola said.

"I think what we are doing for children affected by AIDS is really commendable. Before CRS' work with orphans, there really wasn't much focus on the children themselves. The work we are doing right now with food and livelihood security complements our other work and we hope it will improve the lives of children. They are so vulnerable right now."