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Syrian refugee in Jordan

The 2013 Egan Journalism Fellows at the Media High Council in Kigali, Rwanda.
Credit: Photo by Kim Pozniak/CRS

Past Fellows

In October 2013, four Egan Journalism Fellows joined Catholic Relief Services on a one-week reporting trip to Rwanda, where CRS and the Catholic Church are working for peace on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

During an emotional trip highlighting the deep-seated and lingering effects of one of the world's most horrific events, the fellows met with Church and government officials, community leaders, and both genocide survivors and perpetrators.

Meet the 2013 Egan Journalism Fellows (Rwanda)

Lisa Hendey

"I am forever changed as a result of being blessed to have been an Egan [fellow]. The trip was a tremendous blessing both for me personally, and I believe as well for our readers who took the trip with me (in spirit and via social media)." Lisa Hendey

Lisa Hendey, Catholic wife and mom, is the founder and webmaster of She speaks around the country on a variety of topics including faith, family life, social media and the New Evangelization.

Read Lisa's coverage.

Kerry Weber

Kerry Weber

"We traveled to a diverse list of locations, and met people involved in many aspects of Rwandan life, culture, church, and government. This sort of diversity is very helpful to well-rounded reporting." Kerry Weber 

Kerry Weber is the managing editor of America, the national Catholic weekly journal published by the Jesuits.

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Michelle Bauman

Michelle Bauman

"I was very impressed with the access we were given to government officials and genocide survivors who were willing to share their experiences with us."Michelle Bauman

Michelle Bauman is an assistant editor for Catholic News Agency and EWTN News. She previously worked as the Washington, D.C., correspondent for the agencies.

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Ron Lajoie

Ron Lajoie

"It has given me a greater appreciation of the breadth and worldwide nature of the Church and of the work the Church does through CRS and other agencies in developing countries."Ron Lajoie

Ron Lajoie joined Catholic New York in March 2009 following a 23-year career as a writer/editor for the membership publication of Amnesty International USA.

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