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Stories About Microfinance

Key to Freedom: Rescuing Abused Maids in Lebanon

Locked into high-rise apartments for months or even years, some maids are virtual slaves—and see only one way out. »»

Healing From War's Brutality in Congo

St. Camillus parish in Maryland reaches out in faith to serve women whose lives have been torn apart by rape as a weapon of war. »»

Video: A Hand Up for Cambodia's Poor

Small loans have turned life around for thousands of Cambodians, who use the money to start home-based businesses. »»

Rwanda: An Unexpected Return On Investment

Neighbors who barely talked joined a CRS savings group, and found they enjoy each other's company as much as the loans. »»

Guatemalans Make A Future By Saving for It

In Guatemala's western highlands, a group of HIV patients learns survival skills under a newly introduced microfinance model. »»

Witness to History, Compassion, Healing

After 26 years with CRS, Walter Blake shares memories and lessons learned in the field. »»

Hispanic Heritage Month: Raising Awareness

The Catholic Church and CRS have witnessed important advances in Latin America and continue to serve the needs of its poorest communities. »»

Gambian Women Take Up Fight Against Malaria

In The Gambia, 18 women formed a group to save money. They soon began saving their community from malaria. »»

Tortilla Business Builds On Microfinance Loan

A small loan from the EnComun de la Frontera microfinance project helps a Mexican family's tortilla business flourish. »»

Sesame Empowers Women, Lifts Village Life

Nigerien woman bring wealth and stability to their communities with sesame seed production. »»

Saplings of Hope

Growing a small kitchen garden helped change Nirmala's life. She now earns a steady income and no longer worries about going hungry. »»

Journeying to the Frontiers of Justice

Teachers from Catholic high schools use the summer break to explore education and social justice in West Africa. »»

From Debt to Success in Egypt

With help from CRS' small-loan program, a destitute widow started a business—and turned her life around. »»

Little By Little, Life Gets Better Every Day

With the help of training and a loan, a widow and her son established a small business and escaped the grip of extreme poverty in Guatemala. »»

More Cash, Less Garbage

Marguerite Nyandwi spent precious years digging through garbage for items to sell. A CRS-supported savings program was her path to a better life. »»

2007 Year in Photos

Our year-end roundup salutes the work of our dedicated staff and beneficiaries, whose resiliency rises above the most challenging circumstances. »»

Farmers Break Cycle of Poverty

Agricultural assistance, market connections, and support for savings and loans are enabling thousands of Tanzanian farmers to improve quality of life. »»

A Life Less Ordinary

Former Masai cattle herder Daniel Laiser brings a unique perspective to his community-based mircofinance work with CRS Tanzania. »»

A Small Start Leads to Great Returns

CRS Burkina Faso teaches women strategies on collective saving and how best to use small loans distributed as part of it's microfinance program. »»

Parish Social Ministries Director Visits Tanzania

Scott Cooper, director of parish social ministries for Catholic Charities in Spokane Washington recently traveled to Tanzania with CRS. »»

More Than A Title

In the village of Chirwa, Niger, Ruga Ibrahim is known simply as Kungiya Mata — the leader of women. »»

A Little Goes A Long Way

In northern Uganda, millions have been forced to leave their homes behind and are trying to make new lives for themselves with a little help from CRS. »»

Simple Gifts

When Deborah Stein visited a group of soap makers in Sierra Leone, she didn't anticipate the effect of one simple, precious gift. »»

Strengthening Community Banks in Cotopaxi

CRS is working with the Cotopaxi province to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable financial services to the poor. »»

Mikra - Microcredit for Women

With the help of the MIKRA microfinance project, women like Stoja feel secure about their ability to provide for their futures. »»

A World of Opportunities

Through USTOI, Catholic Relief Services is supporting small-business development by offering financial services to micro-entrepreneurs. »»

Meet Father Patricio Lopez From the Diocese of Ambato

The Diocese of Ambato and CRS work together to implement health and credit projects, and to carry out emergency response and preparedness activities. »»

HIV and AIDS Project

In Haiti, CRS takes an integrated approach in all of our HIV and AIDS programming. »»

Meet Harold, CRS Haiti Staff Member

CRS Haiti's Project Manager for Small Enterprise Development feels that CRS is having a positive impact on the lives of the poorest of the poor. »»

The Rewards of Committment

Vanna enjoys his work with CRS partner Thanekea Phum because he can see how his work helps people increase their income and improve their lives. »»

&Nbsp;Sri Lanka's Abused Maids

Beaten and starved, Sri Lankan women working as maids in the Middle East need protection. CRS partner Caritas has stepped in to defend them. »»

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