Members of the CRS-supported Masakhane savings and lending group. Saving for a Pile of Bricks
These women turned their savings into a pile of bricks from which they will build a better future for their children.

Ilsa Dolores Gomez Lessons in Savings and in Life
In the Dominican Republic, a financial program builds savings and confidence for women in poverty.

Francoise and Yvonne An Unexpected Return on Investment
Francoise Uwimana made more than money from a SILC loan, she made a friend.

A woman counts money at a Bancomunidad meeting. Microfinance in Mexico: Women Bank on It
Flor Cruz worked long hours to provide for her family. Now, thanks to her SILC profits, she started a business and works from home.

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  • Five Facts About Microfinance

    1. CRS microfinance programs have served more than 1 million people in 35 countries.
    2. CRS-supported savings groups have saved more than $10.7 million.
    3. It costs as little as $18 per person to provide proper training to a savings group.
    4. 2.5 billion adults do not use formal financial services to save or borrow money.
    5. More than 2.7 billion people live on $2 or less a day without good access to small loans.

    Video: The SILC Road

    A Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC) treasurer counts savings at meeting in Eldoret, Kenya.

    Meet the people of Eldoret, Kenya whose lives have changes after beginning SILC groups throughout their community.

    Microfinance Growth

    A savings and internal lending community (SILC) group meets in Mongu, Western Province, Zambia.

    Because of your support, CRS' microfinance programs have grown to help more than 1 million people in 35 countries.

    Savings to Loan

    In their first month, 21 members of the Ushindi Savings and Internal Lending Community near Malindi, Kenya, saved about $85.

    Thanks to a CRS microfinance model based on personal savings, 1 million members are increasing their financial security.