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Stories From Mexico

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Savings Group Nurtures Women's Cacti Co-Op

Members of the Cactucito cooperative are benefiting from savings and marketing strategies. »»

Mexico's Violence Countered By Mothers' Faith

Like the Virgin Mary, these mothers take refuge in their faith to bear the excruciating pain of the deaths of their sons and daughters. »»

Microfinance in Mexico: Women Bank On It

Through the microfinance program Bancomunidad, women traditionally not served by financial institutions learn business skills and gain independence. »»

Mexican Women Empowered By New Business Skills

Microfinance groups in Mexico help women start their own businesses while instilling leadership lessons for everyday life. »»

Migrant Program Profits Both Sides of Border

CITA brings reliable, willing work force to U.S. growers while building trust and lasting labor relationships. »»

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