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Stories From Malawi

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Malawi Community Health Hero

Visit by THRIVE worker brings help for young stroke victim and her family. »»

A Recipe for Surviving Malawi Drought

With the right ingredients, mothers in drought-ravaged Malawi, can keep their children well-nourished. »»

Red Hot Chili Peppers

A fiery crop fuels the dreams of entrepreneurial Malawi farmers. »»

Healthy Bodies, Crops Despite Malawi Drought

Through health and educational projects, a CRS-led consortium helps poor farmers improve their lives and their harvests. »»

Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

You Are Improving Nutrition for Children in Malawi

CRS teaches families in Malawi how to prepare healthful meals and supports preschools for their children. »»

Malawi's Orphans Are Our Children

CRS partner, Sister Beatrice Chipeta, provides Malawi orphans with a lot more than food and shelter: She gives them a family. »»

Video Christmas Card From Our Family to Yours

Merry Christmas from Catholic Relief Services and all the people we serve around the world. »»

Malawi Village Is Orphans' Family

A local chief and CRS partner Lusubilo helped a village in Karongo, Malawi, give orphans a new, and rather large, family. »»

Malawi Orphans' Life Lessons

A grandfather's lessons help orphan brothers Stefan and Yohane eke out a living while pursuing larger dreams. »»

Malawi Orphans' Big Sister

A theft and a pair of canvas shoes helped Sister Beatrice Chipeta inspire Malawi villagers to rescue orphans from desperation and bad manners. »»

Catholics Help Nourish Malawian Children

The loving generosity of a Catholic family in Mexico helps 9,000 children in Malawi receive the food and education they need to thrive. »»

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