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Stories From Madagascar

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Madagascar Taps Public-Private Water System

Cleaner water, better management, regular maintenance and more accountability flow from a business-government partnership. »»

iPods Firmly Planted in Farmers' Lives

Mobile computer technology makes the tried-and-true seed fair a smoother, more secure way to help Madagascar farmers recover their lives. »»

Madagascar's Locally Grown Shelters

One tree provides material that's accessible, inexpensive, and unusually weather resistant. »»

Water Works: An Affordable, Lasting Solution

A Madagascar project brings the benefits of clean water close to home and businesses through just three low-cost options. »»

Water Options Tailored to Improve Lives

Meet of few of the residents of Anivorano Est, Madagascar, who are making use of water services offered by CRS and our partners. »»

Madagascar Moms Learn Nutritious Lessons

Facing grim decisions about how to feed their children, two mothers turn to CRS and SALOHI for healthy solutions. »»

Early Child Nutrition Safety Net

CRS and partner SALOHI weigh babies and train moms to keep kids healthy in their critical first 5 years. »»

Seed Fairs Grow Hope in Postcyclone Madagascar

Catholic Relief Services seed fairs help farmers recover from devastating Cyclone Giovanna. »»

Pumping Up Food Production in Dry Madagascar

Treadle pumps and drought-resistant seeds are helping farmers extend their fields and feed their families and communities. »»

Madagascar Rice: Same Fields, Bigger Yields

A Jesuit priest introduced a cultivation system that produces more rice per acre and fewer food worries year-round. »»

Cultivating Prosperity: Madagascar's Rice Revolution

A French priest's heart for poor rice farmers led to strikingly improved harvests that cost growers less to produce. »»

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