CRS in Liberia

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CRS Work in Liberia

Together with the Catholic Church of Liberia, CRS Liberia designs projects and supports programs that promote solidarity and foster a culture of understanding at all levels of Liberian society. The goal is to generate a consensus around the pressing development and social issues facing the country. CRS Liberia and its local partners are working with over 250,000 Liberians through programs in the following areas: health, agriculture, safety net, justice, peacebuilding, emergency relief and HIV and AIDS.

Some specific examples of our work include:

  • Emergency Agricultural Rehabilitation Project: Many families were forced to flee from their homes during the civil conflict, and are just now starting to return. CRS Liberia's emergency agricultural rehabilitation project assists these farming families to recover their livelihoods through the provision of seeds and farm tools. The project is assisting 30,000 families who might otherwise have remained in temporary camps for displaced people.
  • Integration of Human Rights Into Community-Based Development Program: The goal of this project is to increase awareness on human rights issues at the community level. The project seeks to increase the participation of communities in community development work, as a forum for promoting cohesiveness and interaction among community members from different backgrounds.
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