CRS in Liberia

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CRS History in Liberia

CRS has been working in Liberia since 1990, initially providing emergency assistance after the start of the civil war. While the presidential election of 1997 brought Charles Taylor to power, the civil conflict continued in the provinces and eventually arrived in the capital, Monrovia, during the summer of 2003. Charles Taylor went into exile that August, and a transitional government was put into place in October. The warring factions are laying down their arms and, after 14 years of conflict, the country is now embarking on the lengthy process of reconciliation and reconstruction.

As the new national government is being shaped, the Catholic Church, CRS Liberia, and international donor agencies are working together to support the development of fair and democratic institutions, which will allow greater citizen participation in decisions that affect their communities. CRS Liberia is continuing the reconciliation and reconstruction projects with a renewed interest in justice and peacebuilding work.

CRS Liberia currently employs 55 national and three international staff. The agency's office is located in the capital city of Monrovia.

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