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Lesotho Orphan: 'My Life Changed'

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Millions of children around the globe have lost their parents to AIDS. Letima Ikhetheleng of Lesotho is one of them.

He comes from a small village in the mountains of Lesotho, where conditions are harsh. The roads make travel difficult at best. And that means businesses struggle to keep their doors open, reducing employment prospects. For many orphans like Letima, the loss of their parents means going hungry. The prospect of escaping their poverty through education is bleak, since orphans and their caregivers typically can't afford school fees.

Fortunately, Catholic Relief Services provides orphans and vulnerable children with a host of services aimed at meeting their nutritional, educational and emotional needs, along with advocating for their basic human rights.

"My life changed because they were able to help us," Letima says. "I have food, three meals a day."

In the following video the 19-year-old further describes his hardships and how CRS made a difference.

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