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World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

Catholic Relief Services began 70 years ago helping refugees in Europe during and after World War II. Today, the Church's concern for the poorest and most vulnerable people compels us to continue that work wherever refugees and internally displaced people are at grave risk.

Today, we bring comfort and aid to Syrian, Malian and Somali refugees in places like Niger, Kenya, Jordan, Lebanon and Burkina Faso, where natural or manmade disasters force people from their homes and homelands.

Refugee map

The following countries are just some of the places where your support reaches our poorest brothers and sisters.

1. Lebanon

In Lebanon, CRS, with our local partners Caritas Lebanon and the Caritas Lebanon Migrants Center, is providing shelter, food and medical care to thousands of families who have fled the violence in Syria.

2. Jordan

CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

View a photo gallery to see the work that CRS does around the world to help refugees.

In Jordan, CRS is supporting our partner Caritas Jordan in providing medical, education and emergency humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees in six Caritas centers.

3. Egypt

In Egypt, CRS is supporting the educational needs of Syrian children in Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta—urban centers with the greatest concentration of Syrian refugees—through the provision of educational grants and the support of Syrian refugee community schools.

4. Mali

In Mali, a country plagued by violence since early 2012, CRS has been assisting people displaced within the country by providing cash grants to the most vulnerable—women, elderly men and women, and people with disabilities—so they can meet their most basic needs like food, health costs, school fees and rent.

Syria Crisis: Assistance for Refugees

With medical aid and emergency supplies, CRS and Caritas are reaching thousands who've fled violence in Syria. Learn more.

5. Niger

In Niger, CRS has carried out a number of projects to assist Malian refugees, including the distribution of food and water, and the construction of shelters and latrines.

6. Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, CRS has assisted tens of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in neighboring Mali by providing clothes and other essential items. Through CRS cash-for-work projects, we hired people from hosting communities to build water ponds, dig wells and repair canals.

7. Kenya

In Dadaab, Kenya, one of the largest refugee camps in the world, CRS has been assisting Somali refugees who have fled violence and hunger in their country. Since September 2011, CRS has constructed thousands of sanitation facilities and provided hygiene education on latrine use, hand-washing, water safety and solid waste management.

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