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Stories From Lebanon

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Providing Lifesaving Support for Syrian Refugees

Once a vibrant hub of Middle Eastern culture and history, Syria has been besieged by internal conflict that has uprooted millions of innocent families. »»

Syrian Refugees Supported in Lebanon

CRS and partner, the Good Shepherd Sisters, serve families through a harsh winter far from home. »»

Syrian Refugees Face Bitter Winter

CRS and Caritas Iraq are providing shelter and other necessities like blankets, heaters and cooking supplies. »»

Photo Tour: Hope for Syrian Refugee Children

For those bearing the heaviest burden of the Syrian crisis, reading and writing bring healing and hope. »»

Syria Crisis: Assistance for Refugees

With medical aid and emergency supplies, CRS and Caritas are reaching thousands who've fled violence in the country. »»

Photos: CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

See how CRS eases the suffering of refugees with lifesaving clean water, food kits, medicine and other essentials. »»

World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

From Europeans fleeing countries during WWII to Somalis, Syrians and Malians today, the Church works through CRS to protect and advocate for refugees. »»

Syrian Refugees Brace for Brutal Winter

Hundreds of thousands of families have fled Syria for neighboring countries. As harsh winter approaches, CRS is providing life-saving assistance. »»

Syrian Refugees Find Help in Camps

Your support is helping CRS and partner Caritas deliver desperately needed food and other supplies to families forced to flee their homes. »»

Helping Partners Help Others

CRS trains and equips our partners with the knowledge they need to work more effectively and touch many more lives. »»

Beirut Center Tackles Complex Migrant Cases

CRS supports Caritas' work with migrants tangled in Lebanon's legal system and unable to defend themselves. »»

Arab Priest Champions Interreligious Dialogue

Growing up in a multicultural environment, Father Makram Kozah now encourages both dialogue between faiths and a peaceful coexistence. »»

Shelter Proves An Oasis to Migrants

A CRS-supported Caritas shelter in Lebanon takes in migrants, offers them help with legal issues and provides a safe place to stay. »»

In Lebanon, Disability and Dignity Work Together

CRS partner Arcenciel navigates a complex and depressed job market for people with disabilities. »»

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